Water Removal Las Vegas

Las Vegas Water Damage Water Removal Serivces

Water damage in Las Vegas is not a rare occurrence, and most home owners and inhabitants have faced this calamity some time in their life – in both a small or large manner.  It is an incident where water from a number of sources flood a building, damaging the flooring, walls and ceilings of that house or office.  Water damage is harmful to personal belongings, the overall structure of the building as well as the health of the people who are in contact with the water.

Causes of Water Damage

Standing water can be seen in a house or a building for a number of reasons, some of them beyond the control of people to prevent.  However, some reasons are mainly accidents or caused by our own negligence.

Some of the most common causes of water damage happen to be:

  • overflowing toilets, kitchen and bathroom sinks or bath tubs,
  • leaky or burst pipes,
  • flooding due to excessive rain or a natural disaster,
  • sewage backing up due to a clog in the pipes,
  • a household appliance, like a dishwasher or a washing machine, that is emitting water,
  • a roof that is leaking and letting in water, etc.

Dangers of Water Damage

Water that has been standing for more than 24 to 48 hours – whether the water in question is clean or contaminated – can cause damage to the personal belongings that it soaks.  Wooden furniture, carpets, clothing, wooden flooring, walls, electrical appliances, personal belongings as well as metals and steel can be damaged if in contact with water for a period of more than 24 hours.

However, not many people actually consider water as dangerous, especially clean water.  The reality is that even clean water can weaken the structure of your house considerably by getting inside crawl spaces, basements and hidden corners of the building.  Beside, standing water encourage the growth of molds inside the structure of the house, especially hidden from the eyes – which can create problems later.

Moreover, if the water in question in contaminated – i.e. dirty water from washing machines, dishwashers, sewage and sea or river – then the threat extends to one’s health and well being.  If these are the sources of the water that is flooding a house or building, then immediate steps need to be taken to remove the water and restore the building before the contamination is spread to the people who are in contact with it.

Water Removal and Restoration

In the event that any of these flooding occurs, the standing water should be removed as soon as possible, to minimize the damage that  can be caused.

Our company, Water Damage Las Vegas, understands the need urgent water removal because we know the damages that it can create in your life and your home.  Therefore, whenever a potential customer needs us, we do our best to arrive at the site as soon as possible so that we can minimize as much of the damage as we can.

Our first task in case of water damage is to remove all signs of standing water from your home or office building using our extremely efficient and powerful pumps and vacuums.  The water that is visible and standing gets our concentration first, and then we focus on everything else.

After all the visible water is pumped out, we use our commercial air dryers to dry out the environment, clearing away any signs of wetness or moisture from the furniture, flooring or walls.  If the water had not been standing for long, this is a relatively easy job and did not need much time.  However, if the water had been standing for more than 24 hours, there is a chance that the water has already damaged much of the flooring – if wooden – and will need repair and replacement.

Even after we replace wooden floors, dry wall and cabinets, our work does not finish.  Water can soak through walls and flooring to accumulate in hidden places, i.e. inside the walls and beneath the floorboards.  In such a case, we usually use our Thermal Hygrometers or our High Sensitivity Moisture Meters to look for hidden moisture and mold growth.  When and if we find such nooks and corners, our  HEPA Vacuums and Air Scrubbers come in handy to destroy any wet areas and clean mold buildup.

Finally, the last task is to apply sanitizer via our antimicrobial applicators so that these places with high moisture accumulation does not allow growth of mold later.  We at Water Damage Las Vegas only consider our job well done when we have successfully cleared your house of all signs of water and secured it for you and your family.