HEPA Filtered Air Filtration Device (Air Scrubber)

HEPA Filtered Air Filtration Devices are more commonly known as Air Scrubbers, which are used to capture odor, dust particles, mold and smoke from the air.  It is a filtration system that takes in ‘negative air’ from the environment and passes it through the HEPA filter to produce cleaner air.  

In our water damage repair and water damage cleanup business, we use HEPA filtered Air Filtration Devices to clean the environment in damaged houses around the Clark County – Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson areas.  In jobs to restore mold affected areas and remedy water damaged locations, we often use this particular equipment to ensure great results.

About the Equipment

A HEPA Filtered Air Filtration Device is a portable piece of equipment that can clear the air of any environment to make it habitable, clean and free of any impurities.  These devices use HEPA Filters, or High Efficiency Particulate Air filters, which are more efficient and more powerful than any other devices that has a similar goal.

The main function of an Air Scrubber is to significantly improve the quality of the air of an area, and to take in all the impurities that are present in the environment, pass it through several layers of filtration, and to again release it into the environment. This is another reason that such Air Scrubbers are also known as ‘Negative Air MAchines’ because it is their target to remedy negative air from the environment.


Air Scrubbers, Negative Air Machines, or more specifically, HEPA Filtered Air Filtration Devices are used in construction and repair sites to get rid of the air of:

  • dust particles,
  • bacteria and fungal spores,
  • human skin cells and animal hair,
  • molds,
  • concrete dust, drywall dust, and sawdust,  
  • odors released from chemicals, stains and paints,

and other such airborne spores and particles. .

These minute particles from a construction or repairing site can settle inside the room, and on the furnitures, and are next to impossible to clean in a normal manner. Dust particles and other such airborne particles can be harmful to the health of the people working in such an environment, and should therefore be cleaned carefully.


Different HEPA Filtered Air Filtration Devices are built in different designs and models, but they have a few important similarities in the advantages that they offer, namely:

  • They usually guarantee removing 99.97% or higher amount of microscopic particles from the air, whether they are dust particles, bacteria or spores that spread odor.
  • Most of them can capture microbes that are as minute as 0.3 micron particles.
  • Most of these equipments are portable, lightweight and easy to use.
  • These models are sturdily built, reliable and strong.
  • Almost all of these models are extensively tested in field before sent to the market.

Usage Story

A blocked sewage pipe in a residential house in Henderson, Nevada caused mayhem in the house and our water damage and repair business was called in a hurry to assess the situation.  Our emergency team arrived on the spot in a very short time only to discover that the sewage has backed up into the bathrooms.  Sewage water, including dirt and other unspeakable garbage were coming out the sink, the bathtub and the toilet, and the odor around the house was excruciating.

Our team had a difficult time concentrating on the work because of the amount of odor that was around the place.  To remedy that, we bought in a HEPA Filtered Air Scrubber which captured the airborne particles causing the odor to significantly decrease in a very short time.  We were back to work in a odorless space and quickly repaired the blocked pipe to bring the situation back to normal.

Even after the situation was under control and the house was clean, we kept the Air Scrubber working for some more time so that it can clear up other airborne particles that were still present in the house. Thanks to the filtration device we were able to responsively perform yet another Las Vegas sewage cleanup.