Commercial Dehumidifiers

Commercial dehumidifiers are typically used to lower moisture from the environment, by drawing out humidity. It pulls in the damp air and eliminates the moisture, ultimately pumping out dry air that is devoid of any odor or humidity.  

The Phoenix 200 Max is the Commercial Dehumidifier that our company (water damage company Las Vegas) uses, and it is one of the most resourceful and effective equipment available in our arsenal.  It is a particular favorite of ours because of its powerful air filtration options and steady performance; we prefer to use this model in our work instead of to all the other regular dehumidifiers that are available at your local hardware store because they don’t have the operational capacity that these commercial-grade dehumidifiers offer.


In homes, offices, business and industrial locations, commercial dehumidifiers are used to:

  • condense drippings from pipes
  • control warping of doors and furnitures
  • control mildew moths, and insects like cockroaches woodlice, dust mites and fleas.

The most common use of such dehumidifiers, especially ones such as the Phoenix 200 Max, are generally in large swimming pools, spas and health clubs to dry out the excessive moisture present in those places. In our Las Vegas water damage repair business, however, we generally use it to remove humidity from the rooms that have suffered water damage.


  • Power: 7.4 Amps; 851 Watts
  • Removal Capacity: 128 Pints/Day or 30 gallons/day
  • Operational Range: 33 degrees  – 105 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Blower: 290 CFM
  • Weight: 131 pounds
  • Height, Width & Dimension: 40”, 24.25” & 21.375” respectively

For a variety of reasons, the Phoenix 200 Max is the drying equipment that we prefer to use in our work, namely:


With only 7.4 Amps of electricity, this equipment can remove more water than any other models which can be used for the same purpose. It also has more grain depression power, and this unique drying capability is the reason that the term LGR, or Low Grain Refrigerant, was created to describe the Phoenix 200 – the predecessor to the Phoenix 200 Max. The new model is, significantly, a much improved version of the previous model, and prefered by many. It works fast, improving the air quality of any environment remarkably in a very short period of time.


Besides being an extremely efficient model that significantly improves air quality in all big and small areas, the Phoenix 200 Max also offers a variety of filtering options. This model has raised the bar for other commercial dehumidifiers in the market and includes a 65% MERV-11. Besides, the 95% MERV-13, which is optional in this particular model, ensures removal of particles which are as minute as 0.3 microns.  

Additionally, the Phoenix 200 MAX allows ducting of both the air that is intaken, as well as the supplied air that has been dehumidified and filtered. This Equipment can be combined, if needed, with an air conditioner, air scrubber and a desiccant dehumidifier – making it an equipment that is versatile and flexible.

As a business associated with controlling and reversing water damage in Las Vegas homes, commercial and industrial areas, the use of commercial dehumidifiers are indispensable, and the Phoenix 200 MAX is a clear winner when we take into account it’s efficient designing and versatility.