89123 Water Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

89123 Water Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

Water damage claims are increasing in the US, according to the American Insurance Association. Annual property losses due to water damage were reported to be around $11 billion from 2010 to 2013. The most common causes of this are plumbing and appliance failures. Any of your home appliances are bound to leakage any time. Unfortunately, it could stay undetected until you see the signs like warped floors and wet walls. It is critical to provide immediate water removal Las Vegas when this happens.

Indoor Flood Caused by Icemaker

An indoor flood recently happened in the 89123 area of Las Vegas Nevada. The Water Damage Las Vegas team was called to the site. We arrived at the area to find out that it was a category three class one flood caused by an icemaker. It affected the kitchen and the dining room. The kitchen floor was tiles so it was saved, but the dining room floor was made of wood which was severely damaged.

Water Removal in 89123 Las Vegas Nevada

The team acted quickly. All water sources were turned off before getting their hands dirty for work. The damaged parts were set aside for subrogation. Upon thorough inspection, the team saw wet insulation in walls, warped wood, water damaged baseboards, and ruined tiles.

Containment barriers were then set up to contain airborne molds. All damaged parts were removed including drywalls, panels, and floors. Commercial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers were used to dry out the kitchen and the dining room.

The quick response from the team made it possible to save a lot of personal belongings from flood waters. The property owner did the right thing when they acted quickly upon seeing the damage. They contacted the right Las Vegas water removal company. In all kinds of flood, whether the water is clean or contaminated, it is best to act within a few hours from detection. When the thermal camera showed zero signs of moisture, the property was declared dry by industry standards.

24/7 Water Removal Las Vegas

At Water Damage Las Vegas, our technicians respond 24/7 to emergency calls. We act fast to keep you and your properties safe. We work with insurance companies, so when you hire us, you can be sure your claims are covered. We pack up and store your personal belongings during demolition so they are safe and secure. We also unpack them with proper care after our job is done. Take advantage of our certified professional water removal in Las Vegas and commercial-grade equipment if you are from Clark County. Call today to avail of our free water damage assessment.