89109 Water Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

89109 Water Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

The standard homeowner’s insurance policy covers the cost of accidental damages such as those caused by storms, break-ins and defective equipment. This is according to The Law Dictionary. It is necessary to understand this because broken fixtures such as a cracked sink or leaking toilet are the usual cause of flooding. It always occurs unexpectedly since the damage is not detected until the house is saturated with water. Water removal Las Vegas becomes a need in this dire situation.

Kitchen Water Removal Las Vegas 89109

This was what happened in 89109 area of Las Vegas, Nevada. A kitchen sink malfunctioned and caused flooding which affected the whole ground floor. To address the situation, the homeowner called Water Damage Las Vegas for help. The team arrived to a property filled with stagnant water and they found out that the sink was clogged due to mold infestation.

Proper Water Removal Technique

Before Las Vegas water removal was done, the main cause of the flooding was removed. The sink was taken out so it does not create any more damage to the property. They did the same thing with the toe kicks, dry wall, flooring, cabinets, and all other affected parts.

After all wet items were extracted, they set up their state of the art drying equipment. They used an air mover to dry the premises. They also used air scrubbers to expedite the process. The process was finished off by removing residual odor using dehumidifiers.

Before leaving, our team used a Thermal Camera to make sure that all water and moisture were successfully removed. When the device showed no signs of hidden moisture, the team left exhausted, but satisfied. The team saved another family from the dangers of mold.

Call for Effective Water Removal Las Vegas

Aside from your sink, there are other appliances that can cause flood in your home. For example, broken laundry machines, dishwashers, and toilets can also be the source of flood. Be wary of any water damage in your home if you have experience dealing with this kind of incident. Attempting to fix it all by yourself may just cause more damage and cost you so much more on repairs.

Our team only uses the best equipment. Water removal in Las Vegas can be daunting especially if there are lots of mold and water around.  Don’t worry. We operate 24/7 to accommodate everyone who is in trouble from flood water. Our team of highly-skilled and experienced people makes sure that everything is done properly. Call us any time you need help.