89156 Sewage Clean Up, Las Vegas NV

89156 Sewage Clean Up, Las Vegas NV
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Our company, Water Damage Las Vegas, received a call from a distressed homeowner whose sewage line has suddenly collapsed.  The dirty water from the sewage like has caused the sewage water to backup into a condo in the 89156 area of Las Vegas, NV.  The sewage water had also come back up through the kitchen sink, much to the dismay of the inhabitants of the house.  The water had already entered the living room and the closet, as well as the kitchen floor, and was causing much damage to them.

sewage cleanup in Las Vegas home was performed by Insurance Restoration Services successfully within a very short time, before further damage was inevitable.

Since the water from the sewage line has backed up through the kitchen sink, the initial victim were the kitchen counters and the kitchen floors.  There was quite a bit of dirty water still persisting on the floor and inside the sink because the water was still leaking by the time our team arrived at the scene.  We stopped the water from leaking out any further, and afterwards tended to the excess water that was all around the house.

The problem with this case was that not only there was water everywhere, but dirty and polluted water.  Our team had to be extra careful because the polluted water from sewage lines are usually extremely harmful, especially if it comes in contact with the skin.  For this reason, all our team members had to wear special uniforms and safety gears that protected their body from the polluted water.

After we stopped the sewage line from leaking more water, we extracted the excess water from the floors using specialized machines.  Fortunately, all the flooring in the entire house was tiled, and therefore, not much damage was done to the flooring in either the kitchen, or the living rooms and closets.  We were able to quickly extract and dispose of the water from the floor and dry the area with a Commercial Air Mover.

The walls of the house were, however, not so lucky.  Neither were the baseboards, cabinets and the insulation.  The sewage water had seeped into all of these areas and left quite a damage to them.  All the cabinets and the entire drywall were wet and musty.  It wasn’t enough to just dry them out; they all needed to be replaced.

With the help of a plumber, the drain pipe was dug up and replaced, which assured us and the homeowners that the sewage line was secured for some time in the future and won’t cause any more problems.  The plumber who worked with us dug up the pipe from the concrete and replaced it, sealing the pipe with concrete once more.  We also had to  take off all the drywall and the cabinets from the kitchen, the living room and the closets because they were all badly damaged.

The dirty water from the sewage pipes had also left a bad odor behind which lingered throughout the house.  As a last step, we used a Commercial Dehumidifier to remove any traces of bad odor from the house, as well as residual moisture and other germs.