89130 Flood Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

89130 Flood Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was called up by a distraught couple who were experiencing a massive flood in their 89130 home. The flood covered the entire second floor of their residence and also caused damage to other areas located on the ground floor. It originated from a faulty toilet supply line which the homeowners failed to notice until water began soaking up most of their home.

We understood the urgency of the situation and we dispatched our team immediately. Upon arriving at the scene, our specialists observed water marks on both the living room and kitchen ceiling.  The garage was drenched and moldy as well.

Wood flooring in the kitchen were visibly warped and door frames also suffered some damage.  All in all, the water damage in Las Vegas home affected two bedrooms, two bathrooms, the hall, entryway, living room, dining room, kitchen and garage.

Before getting to work, our team made sure that all sources of water were turned off.  They extracted the broken part of the toilet supply line and gave it to the customers for subrogation purposes.  Then, they removed the flooring from several areas of the home to allow effective drying.  Vinyl tiles were extracted from the two affected bathrooms to dry the subfloor.  The crooked vinyl flooring in the kitchen was taken as well.

Carpeting in the bedroom and the hallway were all removed while, the laminated flooring in the entry way was taken away for cleaning.  Once all the damaged flooring were successfully removed, fans were placed in the affected areas for drying.

Additionally, the damaged ceilings were demolished by our team.  Small amounts of dry wall were taken from the living room and kitchen.  They also worked on the wet garage where a significant amount of mold was already growing.  Once all signs of mold have been extinguished, a fan was posted to dry off the moisture.

No pieces of furniture were damaged but baseboards and toe kicks were removed from all the water damaged areas.  Our team of experts was able to save most of the flooring except for the vinyl tiles from the two affected bathrooms.  The laminated tiles from the entry way, living room and dining room were also beyond recovery.

Before declaring the home as flood-free, our team used our Thermal Camera to determine if there is still any hidden moisture in the house.  The results showed that the whole house was already dry and clean.  It was another job well done for IRS.