Laser Tape Measure

Compared to an old fashioned measuring tape, a laser tape measure is a much more effective piece of equipment, especially when it comes to a business such as ours. In our field of work to repair and cleanup water damage in residential and commercial buildings around Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson region, we use a laser tape measure often in calculating the height, breadth and lengths of an area accurately.


Since our business works together with our clients’ insurance companies to settle all bills and to ensure that all type of claims are covered, we always rely on the accurate measurements provided to us by a laser tape measure that an ordinary metal measure couldn’t have. Besides, laser tape measures are extremely fast, and can measure a large area in a matter of seconds.

For its accurate readings and fast result, we prefer the use of a laser tape measure in our Las Vegas water damage cleanup and repair business, particularly an efficient model by Hilti – the Hilti PD4.

About the Product

The Hilti PD4 is one of the most efficient and fast laser tape measures that are available in the market fit for both commercial and personal use. It is portable, lightweight and thus easy to carry around, extremely fast in calculations and safe to use in places where access for a person may be impossible, difficult or dangerous. This model can measure any area between 0.2 meter to 70 meters in a matter of seconds and derive at an accurate result.

The measurements produced by this laser tape is extremely reliable and never wrong, even when the area is large and physically inaccessible. We completely trust this particular model because of its effective help in our field of work.


  • 635 nm Class I and Class II lasers
  • Direct measurement
  • ± 2 mm of accuracy level
  • Dimension: 120mm in Length * 45mm in Width * 12mm in Height
  • Weight: 180 gm (with batteries)
  • Temperature Range of Operations: -15°C to 50°C
  • Protection Class of IP: IP X5


  • 100% waterproof and dustproof
  • Single button operation, making it easy for one person to do the work effectively
  • Ergonomically designed for steady use
  • Ruggedly built to last long-term use
  • Precise lasers that ensure reliable measurement
  • Protective pouch available for safekeeping
  • Continuous and single measurement functions

Usage Story

We received a call from a residential apartment in the Henderson region of Clark County, where the community room of the building has been flooded with water from the sewage pipe. The large room was completely inaccessible because of the dirty water and the odor that was emanating from it. No one from the entire apartment could go into the room, nor did our team members want to.

However, we needed to know the area of the community room in question in order to assess the damage and to determine the types of equipment that we would need to clean and repair the room. Thus, with the help of the Hilti PD4 laser tape measure, we were able to assess accurately the size of the room in a matter of seconds without even having to go inside the room – something which no one was willing to do.