89002 Flood Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

89002 Flood Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

Flooding is a devastating problem that no homeowner wants to have. Not only will it damage the physical structure of your home, it can also harm your family’s health. If water is not properly extracted, moisture is left in hard to reach areas like in between your walls. This will promote the growth of mold which as we all know can cause allergic reaction. In severe cases, it may even lead to death. If you experience flooding in your home, it is always best to leave it in the hands of the professionals. Our client who lives in the 89002 area entrusted his home with us. He called us up with an urgent situation and so we dispatched our team as quickly as possible for a flood damage cleanup, Las Vegas.

Oftentimes, the biggest problems come from the smallest causes. This was particularly true for this certain client of ours. Insurance Restoration Services was called into a category three class one flood that was caused only by a washing machine. Who would’ve thought? Apparently, the faulty appliance leaked water that affected not just one area of the house. It devastated the master bedroom, living room, kitchen room, bathroom, hall, laundry room, coat closet and garage.

Before any work was started, our team made sure that all water sources are turned off. This is to avoid more water leaking into the affected areas. Additionally, containment barriers were put up. As part of our standard operating procedure, this measure needs to be taken to avoid mold from contaminating clean areas of the home. After both steps were executed, our specialists went on with their work.

They proceeded by taking out all the porous materials in the affected areas. The insulation, base board, door casing, trim, cabinet boxes and carpet pad were all removed. After this, the framing was wiped clean and sanitized. Luckily, all the flooring in the affected areas save for the master bedroom was saved. The other rooms of the home at tiles so they were resistant to water. Meanwhile, the master bedroom was covered with carpeting which, unfortunately, absorbed moisture from the leak.

Before declaring our job done, our team made sure that we were able to extract all the water from the home. With the use of a Thermal Detector, our specialists determined whether there was still hidden moisture or not. There wasn’t any water left and the home was mold free as well. That is one another satisfied client added to our list. If a flood breaks out in your home, you know who to call. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available 24 hours of the day.