Water Damage Company Las Vegas

Las Vegas Water Damage Company

Whenever there is a case of water damage, immediate actions should be taken to minimize the loss and damage.  Standing water, only for a few hours, can destroy valuable personal belongings, electrical appliances around the house, as well as the overall structure of the house.  Besides, if the water in question is not clean and pure – which can happen in case of sewage leakage or flooding –  the scenario can also be harmful to one’s health.

Our company, Water Damage Las Vegas, is one of the few water damage companies in Las Vegas that guarantees quick response and immediate action on call, as we understand the need for rapid restoration.

Causes of Water Damage

Water Damage can happen in a house or a building for a variety of reasons; some of them by accidents, others that can’t be  prevented or helped.  Some of the main causes of water damage or flooding can be listed as:

  • a broken or faulty household appliance, i.e. a dishwasher or a washing machine,
  • a burst or leaked pipe inside the house,
  • accidental cases of bathtubs or sinks overflowing,
  • a faulty plumbing line prone to accidents,
  • flooding due to excessive rain or other natural disasters,
  • issues with the air conditioning, ventilating or heating units inside the house,
  • sewage line backing up due to clogging, etc.

In most of these reasons, water floods into the houses and stands still, unless there is accommodation for the water to drain.  Standing water needs to be treated immediately so that they do not cause much harm to the inhabitants and possessions inside the house.

Effects of Water Damage

Water, especially standing water, can cause a number of damages inside a house, namely:

  • rot wood – furniture, flooring and belongings,
  • cause de-lamination of plywood objects,
  • rust steel,
  • damage clothing and carpets,
  • destroy electrical appliances, etc

Water Damage Cleanup Procedure

Our water damage company covering water damage restoration around Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson areas, uses the top commercial-grade equipment to do our jobs.  We also guarantee the fastest response possible in the event of any call; our team of experts arrive on the site for a quick assessment immediately after a customer contacts us.

In case of water damage, our first action is to remove the excess water that is standing inside the house.  When the floors and sections of the wall – depending on the depth of the flooding – are visibly dry, we use a Commercial Air Mover to dry out the floors, ceilings and dry walls that has been damaged by the water.  Afterwards, we sometimes use a High-Sensitivity Moisture Meter to look for moisture around the house because in most cases, moisture isn’t visible to the naked eye.

If the amount of moisture inside the house are too much, we prefer to change the materials than to dry and restore them, as they may create bigger problems later.  If the damage isn’t too much, we conclude the matter with drying out the environment of any odor, moisture or lingering microbial using an effective Air Scrubber.

Our water damage company in Las Vegas takes water damage and cleanup very seriously, because we know the damages that it can cause your homes and your lives.