89123 Water Restoration, Las Vegas Nevada

89123 Water Restoration, Las Vegas Nevada
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Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was contacted when a vandal broken into a house in the 89123 area of Las Vegas and stole a refrigerator.  In this act of theft and in a state of hurry, he broke the ice maker line which caused serious damage to the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and garage, which were all made of stained concrete and the bedrooms, the hall, the dining room, the family room, two closets and the family room, which all had a laminate flooring.

Insurance Restoration Services performed water removal in Las Vegas home, and actions had to be taken quickly because the water leaking from the ice maker was spreading to all the rooms of the house very quickly.

Although it was relatively easy to extract and dry out the water on the surface of the floors, our team of experts soon discovered that there was dry moisture hidden inside the laminated flooring.  Dry moisture was also trapped under the vapor barrier and between the vapor barrier and laminate flooring. When water is trapped under the barrier and under the laminate flooring, there is no way for it to dry out because the entire region is wet and full of moisture.  The laminate flooring, although they weren’t damaged, had to be removed, which is the protocol anytime moisture is found trapped underneath.  In the other rooms, the stained concrete became brittle and fell apart after coming into contact with the water.  These also had to be removed, dried out and replaced.

Our expert technicians removed all damaged baseboards, laminate flooring, damage concrete flooring and the toe kicks, which are the bottom part of cabinets.  The toe kicks are removed in order to dry under and behind the cabinets.  A small hole was also cut under the stairs to check for hidden moisture.  A large pile of wet insulation was found there, and removed immediately.

Hidden cavities will harbor moisture and have the potential to support mold growth if not properly addressed.  A properly trained restoration company will inspect all suspect cavities to ensure that all moisture is identified and addressed.  Before we considered the job complete, we used our Commercial Air Movers to dry out the entire house so that no sign of any hidden moisture was left anywhere in the house that could later encourage mold growth.  By using the same Air Mover, we also dried out any signs of odor or bacterial growth in the home.

Work around the entire house was completed in only four days, without any issues or any problems in the near future.

Customer left the following review on Yelp: “Rich came out on a Sunday after I came home to a flooded downstairs.  My insurance agent at Farmers recommended IRS flood clean up services and I couldn’t be any happier.  Rich and his team ripped up and remedied all the floors and baseboards in less than a day, had me Sheetrock dried in 4 days with zero mold growth.  You won’t find a more professional personable and knowledgeable guy when you really need one.”