89103 Water Extraction, Las Vegas Nevada

89103 Water Extraction, Las Vegas Nevada

Standing water that is left for a long time can become a health hazard. It should be avoided. Water can cause severe damage to your home. It seeps into carpets, sofas, pillows, and damage your appliances and furniture. Professional water extraction Las Vegas is the best way to remove flood water from your home. Doing it yourself is a bad idea especially if you do not know the reliable methods that will leave your property clean, mold and odor-free.

Slab Leak Causes Water Damage in 89103 Las Vegas

Water Damage Las Vegas previously got a job in the 89103 area of Nevada. The team arrived to find a category two class two flood. Further inspection showed that the cause was a slab leak. It affected the living room especially the floor which was made of laminate material so it was not saved. It was removed because it was totally damaged.

Expert Water Extraction Las Vegas

Before starting the Las Vegas water extraction, all water sources were turned off to prevent further flooding. Broken parts were kept in safety for subrogation. The thermal camera was used to detect moisture all over the property. The team had to cut 2 feet of the drywall which was damaged during the flood. Even the water heater was removed to expose wet drywall. The water-soaked baseboards and floorboards were also removed.

Once the damaged parts were removed and barriers are in place, commercial grade air movers were used to start the drying process. Once the thermal camera showed no signs of moisture, the team declared the property dry by industry standards.

Many property owners know that water can cause considerable damage to their home or office. One cause of water damage is indoor flooding, but because the sources of damage are most often left undetected, it causes numerous problems before owners find out.

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When you find the tiniest signs of water damage in your home, contact Water Damage Las Vegas immediately for professional water extraction in Las Vegas. It does not matter whether it is 12:00 noon or 12:00 midnight. Our team works 24/7 to help the people of Clark County out of emergency leaks and damages in residential or commercial properties. We pack your items before demolition and unpack them after to make sure they are safe. We use commercial-grade equipment so you can be sure that your property is totally moisture-free before we leave. Call us anytime to get free water damage assessment.