High Sensitivity Moisture Meters

Moisture Meters are another sort of essential equipment for our Las Vegas water damage repair business which we use in our work. These are, basically, a dual purpose meter which is used to measure both connectivity and the moisture content of the materials that are being tested.

As a company that works to clean up water damage in a vast location around the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson areas, a moisture meter is one of the most crucial piece of appliances that we need in our daily. Its main use is to measure the percentage of water present in any particular substance, so that we know whether the material is ready for use or not. It will also let us know if the material is still dry or too wet, or that it needs a little more time to be all set.

For this particular piece of work, we are particularly partial to the moisture meters of Delmhorst Equipments, a company which allows a number of options to choose from.

About the Product

Considering all the types of work that needs to be done in water damage clean up and restoration of a water damaged home, the the Delmhorst Moisture Meters are a perfect choice for the job. They are easy to use and understand, and allows a varied range of functions that makes the work seem uncomplicated and straightforward.

The Delmhorst moisture meters work on a number of substances, particularly wood, plaster, drywall, insulations, leather and paper. It is an important part of building inspection as well as restoration, especially when it comes to setting down the flooring and the walls.


A few features of the Delmhorst moisture meters sets them apart from all other such models, especially when it comes to water damage cleanup and home restoration, namely:

  • Extremely sensitive to moisture content in a number of substances
  • A clear and bright display for accurate scan
  • A built-in LED backlight that helps in taking readings even in the dark locations
  • Lightweight for easy carrying
  • Assurance of years of use
  • A reliable carrying case for easy transfer
  • Each model complete with a number of accessories for better performance
  • A portable size for easy use
  • Option to keep reading on ‘hold’ for easy communication
  • Easy to save battery power with an auto shutdown feature

Usage Story

The case of a pipe burst in a kitchen of a residential home in North Las Vegas area had us rushing to the location in a very short period of time. After a free assessment of the situation we discovered that the pipe burst has led to extensive water damage to the flooring of the kitchen as well as in the cabinets and counters – all of which were made of wood.

After we have used our other equipments to dry out the excessive water around the kitchen, we used our Delmhorst Moisture meter to assess the presence of moisture content in the wooden flooring, cabinets and counters. However, we found that there is still a high moisture content in all of these areas, especially the flooring, which could not be totally salvaged only by drying. This flooring would definitely be extremely dangerous if not replaced immediately, which we did, as soon as possible.

A moisture meter as effective as the Delmhorst moisture meter helped us correctly assess the situation and take necessary steps on time.