89129 Mold Restoration, Las Vegas NV

89129 Mold Restoration, Las Vegas NV
By: Jobs

In a residential home in the 89129 area of Las Vegas, an appliance company improperly installed a refrigerator.  The ice maker line became dislodged causing unseen water damage in Las Vegas home for an unknown amount of time.  The water that leaked from the refrigerator stood under and behind the appliance for a long time, causing mold to grow in all the surrounding areas of the kitchen.

Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was contacted to perform mold abatement in the home after the homeowner discovered the damage and the mold growth.  When our team arrived on the scene within a short time, they discovered a massive amount of mold growth spreading across a large area where the refrigerator stood.

Before we started working, all the customer’s belonging – which included everything edible as well as non-edible – from the kitchen and the adjoining dining area, were packed and stored away for the whole time in order to prevent them from being exposed to mold.  A plastic barrier was erected around the work space to prohibit the mold from spreading to other areas of the home, since fortunately, the mold hadn’t spread to the other parts of the house that were far from the kitchen.  All areas were demolished under negative pressure to prevent any mold from escaping the contained space.

IRS removed the lower contaminated cabinets on the common wall of the kitchen/dining room, as well as the drywall, baseboards, tack strip, carpet, and all the insulation.  The granite counter top was saved by bracing the counter up using some 2 x 4’s and other framing.  The counter top and backsplash were difficult to save as the wet materials swell and put stress and pressure on the counter top.  The counters showed visible signs of water damage at the bottom, and were already swollen beyond repair.  The carpets in the dining room was also damaged and needed to be replaced because of being exposed to standing water for a long time.  When we removed the refrigerator, we found out that some of the tiles under the appliance had also been affected by mold growth.

We removed all the counters from the kitchen area, and only kept the granite counter-tops, supported wooden planks.  The cabinets had to be rebuilt later after the molds have been eliminated completely.  The cabinets that were not yet effected were covered with plastic barriers The drywall in the kitchen and the dining area, as well as some of the tiles from the kitchen, also had to be removed and replaced.

The pressure is alleviated when the materials are removed sometimes causing stress cracks to granite. The remaining framing was HEPA vacuumed free of debris then wiped clean using an EPA registered biocide.  HEPA air filtration devices ran for 48 hours prior to testing.  Afterwards, when we used our equipment to determine the existing level of mold and bacteria in the air, the results showed us that all mold growth have been eliminated.  We could only declare the job satisfactorily completed when all signs of mold growth have been removed from the house.