89147 Water Damage, Las Vegas Nevada

89147 Water Damage, Las Vegas Nevada

Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was contacted by a client who noticed a musty odor in their home.  Before that, they hadn’t known that, several weeks previously, a pipe had broken inside a wall in the bedroom of a home.  The customer, upon discovering the situation in their residential home in the 89147 area of Las Vegas, Nevada called us for an analysis because he was concerned about potential issues with mold.

This is a very common occurrence when it comes to pipes bursting or leaking inside a wall or other such hidden locations.  Odor is one of the common signs of an unmitigated water damage problem and can also be an indication of a potential mold issue.  Many residents usually have no idea of such an occurrence until they become aware of odor or sees the growth of mold around the affected areas.

When our team of expert technicians arrived on the scene, after a quick observation period, they found that the walls were still measuring elevated moisture content.  To determine this, they had to use thermal imaging cameras and other such testing equipment that can detect the presence of moisture inside walls and under flooring.  Using the same equipment, we were also about to measure large amount of water trapped under the laminate flooring in the living room.

Insurance Restoration Services performed a water extraction in Las Vegas home where a pipe hidden behind the walls burst without anybody noticing, causing extensive damage to the other rooms nearby.

Since water was trapped under the laminate flooring, they all had to be removed.  There was no other way to dry out the moisture trapped underneath without removing the laminate flooring.  Our team of technicians removed all water damaged laminate flooring, as well as all the baseboards, drywall, carpet, carpet pad, tack strip, and cabinets around the effected areas of the house because they were also extensively damaged by the burst pipe.

Water was also trapped under the tile in several areas due to improper installation.  The tile flooring in these areas were all removed.  All the areas were vacuumed free of dust and debris and wiped down using an antimicrobial solution once to prevent growth of bacteria and mold in these places.  The water from the bathrooms had already entered the bedroom by the time we arrived on the scene and damaged the carpets in the room.  All the carpets, as well as the drywall, had to be disposed of because they were all beyond repair.

Since mold growth had already started in some of the locations which were wet for a long time, we had to cover the entire kitchen with containment barriers before spraying sanitizers to the entire house with our microbial applicators.  By using this equipment, we did not only prevent further growth of mold and bacteria but also cleaned the air of any residual odor and moisture.

Finally, the hallways had to be dealt with too because the water had also reached under the laminated flooring there too.  Both the flooring and the drywall had to be removed, dried under and replaced in this area too, before we could consider the job to be done.