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What is Flood Damage?

As the name very clearly suggests, flood damage is when water floods a house or a building and damages almost everything that it touches.  Depending on whether the flooding was shallow or deep, personal belongings, furniture, electrical appliances and anything else inside the house can be affected by a flood.

This water that flood the houses and buildings could contain other contaminants and sewage water besides general flood water, which is also harmful for health, and your families, as well as for your belongings and the overall structure of the house.

Causes of Flood/Water Damage

The causes of a flooding inside the home could be many, ranging from something as simple as an overflowing sink to a serious natural disaster.  Besides, some other things that may contribute to flood damage could be:

  • leaking or a burst pipe
  • a broken dishwasher or washing machine
  • heavy and lengthy rain
  • general plumbing problems
  • a clogged toilet, etc.

Effect of Flood Damage

Flood water, if standing for more than 24 hours, may seriously harm the structure of the house.  Beside destroying many valuable and irreplaceable personal belongings, flood water can also:

  • cause malfunction in electrical appliances,
  • rot wooden furniture, doors and flooring
  • cause rusting in steel,
  • affect your health, especially if the water contains contaminants,
  • leave water spots on every surface.

Flood Damage Restoration

Flood damage restoration should, ideally, be handled by professionals because there are usually a number of sensitive problems that needs to be dealt with.

For example, if the water is black water, i.e. contaminated water from nearby seas, lakes, ditches or sewage lines, they are contaminated with fungi, bacteria and other harmful contaminates.  If this water is standing inside the home for more than 24 hours, it can cause severe illness among the inhabitants of the house, as well as other people who come into contact with it.  Only certified professionals, who understand the risk of what they are dealing with,  can safely remove the water and neutralize the location for rehabilitation.

Besides, if the water has been standing for more than 48 hours, it means that some of the components, such as carpets, drywall or any other clothes, need to be disposed of carefully as it is likely that they have been affected with growth of mold. Locations that has seen standing water or has been soaked in flood water for 2 days, i.e. 48 hours, need to be professionally dried – or if needed, disposed of – as soon as possible before the growth of mold spreads.

Certified professionals are needed to determine the parts of the house that can be dried  and repaired as well as the parts that needs to be replaced and remodeled.  Only a professional team who is experienced in restoration of water damage can know to replace and repair the contaminated portions of the house properly so that there are no further problems in the near future.

Our company, Las Vegas water damage repair has, over the years, completed innumerable projects of successfully restoring houses and buildings that have been damaged by flood water.