89108 Flood Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

89108 Flood Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

An indoor flood caused by broken toilet is the last thing you will ever want to happen in your home. Water damage is already bad enough since it can weaken wood, ruin carpets, and cause mold infestation. The damage increases when the water is highly dangerous or unsanitary. It is risky to leave the situation to the wrong hands. You need to hire professionals to do the flood damage cleanup Las Vegas.

Flood Damage Cleanup 89108 Las Vegas

Water Damage Las Vegas had a previous client in 89108 Las Vegas. It was caused by a broken toilet, as the technicians found out when they got to the property. A big part of the first level of the house was damaged. The dry walls, toe kicks, flooring, and cabinets were all wet and warped.

When the team from Water Damage Las Vegas arrived, they removed all affected areas including the drywall, toe kicks, and cabinets. The broken toilet also needed to be removed.

Expert Flood Damage Cleanup

Before starting the Las Vegas flood damage cleanup, barriers were placed to contain the dust, debris, and molds. After all damaged parts were removed, the team took out their commercial grade drying equipment to take out all the water. Air movers were used in making the drying process as quick as possible. They also used a filtration system and humidifiers to remove any particulates and bad odor.

A thermal camera was used to make sure that there is no moisture left in the property before the team leaves. The Vegas flood damage cleanup was considered a success when the device reflected no signs of moisture.  The house was then declared dry by industry standards.

Quick Flood Damage Cleanup Las Vegas

Toilet overflow is a complex task that requires special gear and expertise. When handled the wrong way, it could cause fire, electrocution, damage to appliances and other properties.

If you are experiencing flood damage, call Water Damage Las Vegas anytime. We respond quickly to all calls day and night. When you hire us, you don’t need to worry about insurance. We work with reputable insurance companies so your claims are covered. We take good care of your items during and after demolition.

Our certified professional restoration experts can guarantee total flood damage cleanup in Las Vegas using commercial grade equipment. We cover all areas in Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. Call us today for free water damage assessment.