89048 Mold Clean up, Las Vegas Nevada

89048 Mold Clean up, Las Vegas Nevada

How often do you check the condition of your appliances at home? How many times in a month do you test them out to see if they are leaking water? If this exercise is not a part of your routine yet, now is the time to start. You see, appliances in our home can be the cause of major disasters like a mold problem.

Laundry machines, water heaters and other similar machines can cause water damage which we may never be aware of unless we inspect closely. This is what happened with one of our clients living in the 89048 area of Las Vegas, Nevada. Our client called us in for a Las Vegas mold cleanup after discovering a growth of black mold in several areas of his home.

Upon arriving in the home, our team did a thorough property assessment. Our specialists do not only rely on their skills and what their naked eye can see. They also use state of the art gadgets that can accurately tell them how severe the real damage is. One of our useful devices is the thermal camera which determines the location and severity of trapped moisture in a home. We used this device on this particular client’s home and discovered traces of trapped water in the laundry room, pantry, master closet, master bathroom and kitchen. The damage was so extensive we classified the situation as a category two class three flood.

Before performing a Las Vegas mold cleanup, our team secured all water sources first. This is to ensure that no further damage will be done as they work in the client’s home. Then, our team began the demolition process. All saturated materials were taken out including the owner’s vinyl floors. All of the affected area were covered with vinyl flooring and unfortunately, we weren’t able to recover any of them. They were damaged beyond repair. Even if we dried them out, they were already warped and no longer usable. Other materials were placed in boxes for cleaning and drying.

After the demolition, we secured the affected areas to ensure that mold won’t contaminate other areas of the home. We put up plastic barriers and brought in our commercial grade drying equipment. We used our powerful air movers and dehumidifiers. To check that we have already eradicated the trapped moisture, we used our thermal camera once again and luckily, our equipment worked. Afterwards, we cleaned out the mold growth and applied necessary treatment to protect the home from future mold contamination.

If you are in need of a Las Vegas mold cleanup, do not hesitate to give us a call. We are available 24/7 to help you with any water damage problem you may have.