89118 Mold Cleanup, Las Vegas NV

89118 Mold Cleanup, Las Vegas NV
By: Jobs

Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) responded to the call of a distraught client who was experiencing a water leak originating from a washing machine.  The supply valve of the washing machine was leaking water into the floor of the entire house, causing the growth of mold.  This home in the 89118 area of Las Vegas, Nevada had sat vacant and wet for extended period of time in the summer without anybody noticing the harm that had already been caused.

The excess moisture combined with the hot weather that particular summer had created an extremely humid environment. The humidity had built up on the drywall of the ceiling, as well as inside and outside the kitchen cabinets, and throughout the entire home.  As a result, extensive mold had grown throughout the entire home and nobody had even noticed since the house was vacant.

This was one of the biggest damages that we have seen in our times.  The entire home had been damaged by humidity, moisture and mold.  All the interior drywall, baseboards, cabinets, carpet, vinyl, insulation, and other building materials were were extensively damaged beyond repair.  Mold had began to set on some of the furniture as well, making them unusable as well.  Even the areas of the house where the leaking water had not reached were affected by the mold grown from the humidity and the moisture.  This included all the bathroom walls, inside the utility closets, inside the bathtubs and toilets, etc.

The kitchen cabinets were peeling off by themselves from the humidity.  Not only that, the cabinets in the kitchen and the bathrooms were pulling themselves off the walls and ceilings.  The blades of the fan were also warped from the humidity created by moisture and heat.  There were very little furniture or other utility objects around the house that could have been used again.

Insurance Restoration Services performed a mold removal in Las Vegas home.

Within a very short time, our team has expertly removed all the carpets and drywall around the house.  The cabinets throughout the house were removed, as were most of the furniture, window blinds and utility closets.  Even the lights and the fans had to be removed and replaced.  When we have removed every surface of the home that had mold growth on them, all areas were cleaned with a HEPA vacuum.  The framing and concrete floors were cleaned using an antimicrobial spray.  HEPA fitted Air Filtration devices were installed to clean the air of any residual moisture, any traces of odor and bacteria growth.

Repairs began once the home was brought to an acceptable moisture level and a mold testing company verified the home was clean.  All the drywall and carpets were replaced as soon as possible, and a fresh coat of paint was applied to the whole house.  Bathroom fittings were all replaced because the previous ones had mold growing on them and could have been harmful for the inhabitants.  The kitchen was completely remodeled, with new wall cabinets and counters that were fitted to match the rest of the house.  Most of the furniture also had to be replaced since using the old ones would mean inviting mold back into the house.

Mold growth is a serious affair and can damage a house extensively, as well as the structure of the house, the furniture and other personal possessions.  These type of scenarios should be dealt with as soon as possible after the first signs of mold appear in a home.