89113 Flood Damage Clean Up, Las Vegas Nevada

89113 Flood Damage Clean Up, Las Vegas Nevada

Flooding is not only caused by natural circumstances. It can also be the result of many other things. In our years of experience, we have handled numerous cases involving cracked toilets, broken water heaters and leaking laundry machines. The most severe ones we have seen were often caused by faulty plumbing. Since pipes are hidden behind the wall, it is difficult for a homeowner to identify whether there is a problem or not. Sometimes, when they call for a flood damage cleanup Las Vegas, their home is already drenched in water. This is what happened to one of our clients living in the 89113 area of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our client fell victim to a faulty pipe that spewed water throughout his entire home. Because the culprit was totally out of sight, he had no idea until water began to leak out of his walls in several areas of his residence. The damage was so severe that when our team arrived, we immediately saw that our client was in need of urgent help. There was stagnant water on his kitchen floor and carpeting in other areas of his home were saturated.

When we used our Thermal Camera, we were able to accurately determine the seriousness of the situation. Hidden behind the walls of our client’s home is trapped moisture that must be removed immediately to avoid problems like mold growth. Our specialists didn’t waste any time. They began the flood damage cleanup in Las Vegas right away.

First, we turned off all water sources to prevent further damage and also for our team to work efficiently. The broken pipe was removed and given to the client for subrogation purposes. Next, we extracted the stagnant water from the kitchen area. Afterwards, we began with our demolition. Our team removed all the affected baseboards, carpet pads and toe kicks. We also had to take down a small portion of the client’s dry wall. This demolition was done so the home can be dried out efficiently and properly.

Once the demolition was done, we brought in our state of the art air movers to dry out our client’s home. They were placed in the affected areas and left operating for a certain period. Before we declared this job as a success, we checked our client’s home once again with a Thermal Camera. With the device, our team inspected all areas for hidden moisture and none were found. If like our client, you find yourself faced with a flood in your home and needing a Las Vegas flood damage cleanup, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can reach us at any time as we operate 24 hours in a day. We would love to help you out!