89101 Sewer Damage and Repair, Las Vegas Nevada

89101 Sewer Damage and Repair, Las Vegas Nevada
By: Jobs

Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was contacted when a vandal unexpectedly put a rock in a sewer pipe outside a commercial apartment complex in the 89101 area of Las Vegas, Nevada.  This treacherous act caused the sewage line to backup into all the units, and caused extensive damaged to two units of the building in particular.  The situation was fast getting out of hand as the dirty water from the sewage was fast spreading into all the rooms.

Las Vegas sewage cleanup was performed by Insurance Restoration Services in that commercial apartment complex upon receiving the distressed phone call from a residents of one of the units.

When our team arrived on the scene, they saw that the sewage water had already come back up through the kitchen sink, bathtub, and toilets.  The dirty water was spreading across the floors from the kitchen and the bathrooms and fast entering the other rooms of the house.  The water was seeping through to the furniture and walls of the entire units and damaging the furniture and other valuable possessions around the house.

Fortunately, the entire building had tiled floors, so the standing water couldn’t damage the flooring much.  We had to first stop the sewage lines from backing up so that no more of the dirty water comes inside the house.  After that, we extracted the standing water from the kitchen and the toilets until there was no more sewage water remaining.

As mentioned before, the entire unit was tiled and therefore saved from serious damage.  However, there was extended carpeting in some of the rooms – i.e. the bedroom and the living room – which were completely soaked and damaged.  The carpets as well as the drywall of these rooms had to be removed altogether because they were beyond repair.  The carpets and the drywall were all taken apart and repaired inside the bedrooms and the living rooms to repair the damage caused by the sewage water.

The flooring of the bathrooms were tiles but the walls were not.  Therefore, the drywall inside the bathroom were also damaged deeply.  They were not only wet, but moisture had entered the wall and mold would have started to grow in the future.  Our team, after analysis, had to tear down the drywall inside the bathrooms also as they could not have been repaired.

The kitchens, too, faced a similar problem.  Since the sewage water had backed up through the kitchen sink, the water had also damaged the counters around it.  The same kind of damage was seen in the drywall of the kitchen too, although not the tiled flooring.  All the counters of the kitchens had to be replaced, as well as the drywall had to be teared down and changed.  Moisture had entered inside the drywall and had to be dried using a Commercial Air Scrubber.

Since the water in question was dirty water from the sewage, bad odor was coming from every surface of the house, even from the locations where the water hadn’t reached.  To combat these, we had to use our special Odor Neutralizers  around the house that sucked out all the bad odor as well as the residual moisture and unwanted bacteria from the air.