89107 Water Damage Clean Up, Las Vegas Nevada

89107 Water Damage Clean Up, Las Vegas Nevada
By: Jobs

Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was hired after a copper pipe broke in a home in the 89107 area of Las Vegas.  The water from the pipe has already expanded beyond the kitchen and spread to the other parts of the house – the living room, the hallway, the bathrooms as well as the bedrooms.  This was an emergency job that needed to be dealt with as soon as possible, so our team started from the site to assess the situation promptly.

Fortunately, the bathrooms were all tiled and were not damaged by the standing water.  However, at the same time, the bedrooms, the hallway and the dining room flooring were made of wood and they were all badly damaged.  The water had leaked under the hardwood flooring, causing warping and water stains that were evident throughout the living room and the other parts of the house.

Our team went in and performed a water leak cleanup in Las Vegas home as fast as they could because the leaked water from the copper pipe had already damaged most of the flooring in the entire house.

Water had leaked into the bathroom but because of the tiled flooring, could not damage much.  The wood flooring in the bedroom and the living room showed water underneath and had to be removed by forece.  The same thing happened to the living room floor.  The water there had soaked through and the carpet in front of the couch was wet and damaged.  There were water stains everywhere, and most of the wood panels of the flooring had started to warp.

Baseboards were removed from the flooring in order to dry out walls.  The vanity was removed from the bathroom because it was beyond use; the vanity was later replaced.  Some drywall were removed from the bathroom in order to facilitate repairs for the plumbing firm.  Not only that, the insulation also had to be removed along with the drywall since they were all soaking wet too.

A total of six Air Movers and one Commercial Dehumidifier were used to dry out the house.  We had also turned off or secured all sources of water prior to any work being done.  The customer was asked to save the broken parts of the flooring for using later.  The Air Movers were placed around the house where moisture and wetness could be detected under the flooring and inside the drywall.  These extremely effective machines were able to, within a very short time, dry the water and the moisture from the house.  Most of them were placed in the dining room, bedrooms and hallway where the water had reached the lower parts of the flooring.  A few were used in the toilet because the tiles in these rooms were not damaged.  Still, we used our Commercial Dehumidifier to destroy the last traces of airborne moisture, microbial or mold from the air.

After completion of the job, we replaced the hardwood flooring and baseboards.  We had to use new ones because the old ones were all damaged beyond repair or use.  The job had taken us 6 hours to completely finish, as we were very satisfied with our work.