89107 Water Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

89107 Water Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

Flooding is typically caused by broken fixtures like a leaking toilet or sink.  It often happens unexpectedly with the unknowing homeowner discovering the damage only when their home is drenched in water.  Such is the case of our client living in an 89107 home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our client was unaware of the broken sink until signs of water damage began to show.

The dry wall separating the living room from the bathroom had visible water marks.  Likewise, the wood flooring in the living room was noticeably swelling. Both signs are obvious indicators that the damage had already extended beyond the bathroom.  To avoid further damage, our distressed client called up our company Insurance Restoration Services (IRS).  We responded immediately by sending our team of experts to fix the problem.

Before performing water extraction in Las Vegas home, we removed the main source of the flooding.  We took out the sink to make sure that it didn’t do any more damage to our client’s home.  Afterwards, we placed an air mover inside the bathroom to dry the area.  Luckily, there was no need to remove the entire flooring in the location as the bathroom was tiled.  We only had to remove tiles from the portion surrounding the faulty sink.

Next, we moved on to the living room area where the water devastated a huge portion of the wooden flooring.  When we got to the scene, water was already seeping through the wooden floor.  Without wasting any time, we started our demolition.  We removed the damaged flooring and cut out the wet dry wall.

After we extracted all the wet materials, we set up our commercial grade drying equipment around the living room.  We placed a couple of air movers to dry the area.  We also posted a dehumidifier to clean the air of any moisture as well as remove any residual odor caused by the water that was stuck between the dry wall and flooring for quite some time.

To check if we were able to successfully remove all the water that leaked from the broken fixture, we used our Thermal Camera.  The device showed that there was no longer any hidden moisture around the house.  We were satisfied with our work and so was our client.

In our company, we use only the best equipment.  For cases like water removal, we use the Viking Centrifugal Air Mover which has a reputation for its power and efficiency.  Unlike other fans, it uses centrifugal force to quickly dry up a soaked area.