HEPA Vacuums

A HEPA Vacuum, as the name suggests, is a vacuum cleaner, but one that is much more powerful and effective than an ordinary household appliance.  As most people and businesses that work in construction and restoration knows, a HEPA Vacuum is an essential equipment that cleans mold, odor, dust and debris from the environment.   

Our business of water damage repair and cleanup in the Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas regions requires the use of a HEPA Vacuum often, and for this purpose, we prefer one from Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum Solutions, namely the Eliminator I Wet/Dry Vacuum.  

About the Product

The exceptional feature of the Eliminator I HEPA Vacuum is that it guarantees to capture more than 99.97% of unwanted debris and dust in an environment, even the ones that are as minute as 0.3 microns.  The model is available in two types: one that only captures dry materials, and another one that can be used to clear both wet and dry materials.

The Eliminator I HEPA Vacuum has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and is in compliant with the organization’s Lead RRP (Renovation, Repair and Painting) Project.  It is preferred in construction, repair and restoration for an effective result and easy to use features.


Some of the unique specifications of this particular model are as follows:

  • 1350 watts of power required
  • 130 cfm of airflow
  • 95 inches of waterlift
  • Dust bag of 2.25 gallon
  • Tank capacity of 5 gallons of dry materials or 3.6 gallons of wet materials
  • 65 dB(A) of noise level allowed
  • 20 lbs in weight
  • 120 volts of voltage required @60Hz
  • 11.2 amps of current draw
  • Dimension: 17” in length & 16” in height
  • 1007 sq. inches of Filter Area via HEPA Vacuum
  • 225 sq. inches of Filter Area via main vacuum


The Nilfisk Eliminator I is practically designed for an easy use, especially for businesses like our Las Vegas water damage company that uses it frequently.  It is lightweight and easy to move, and can effectively clean the environment even when the situation is extremely challenging.  Whatever the situation is, and whatever the type of dust and debris is flowing in the air – the Eliminator I can effectively capture them all in a very short period of time.  

Besides, there are some other features present in this particular model:

  • A 50-foot safety cord for safety
  • 3 dust bags made from synthetic materials that allow additional strength
  • A trolley with multiple easy-moving wheels for mobility
  • A long handle for easy movement in a large area
  • A high-powered but low-noise engine
  • Interchangeable hose, filter and other accessories  
  • A durable and thermoplastic body
  • A washable pre-motor filter

Usage Story

After a pipe leaked inside a wall of a residential home, unknown to the residents of the house, a musty smell of mold appeared.  Our water damage repair and water damage cleanup business was called to interrogate and assess the matter, and we found the problem inside one of the walls in no time.  The mold inside the depths of the wall had spread wide by that time, and we had to replace some parts of the walls and the floors to manage the situation.

Even after all the repair work was done. the smell of the mold as well as its residuals in the air was overwhelming.  With our Nilfisk Eliminator I HEPA Vacuum, we cleared the air of any signs of molds and dust, and especially the odor that it left behind.  

It’s thanks to the powerful and efficient Eliminator I that we were able to completely clear the house of any residuals or odor of mold and successfully complete our work.