Ozone Generator

Ozone Generators are also known as Odor Neutralizers, and as the name suggests, this equipment plays a vital role of removing any sort of odor from an environment.  In many of the jobs that come to our business of water damage repair and water damage cleanup in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson areas, we have to deal with severe and intense odor, for which we need the help of a powerful Ozone Generator.

Ozone Generators basically neutralize the odor present in the environment by electronically producing ozone from the air – which is a form of oxygen that transforms odor molecules into compounds that are completely odorless.  Most machines do this through electricity, and there is no use of any chemicals or other liquids for this process.

For our line of work in remedying water damage, the brand of Ozone Generators, or Odor Neutralizers, that we trust in are from Sonozaire Equipments, a company that produces a variation of Ozone Generators that are both efficient and effectual.  

About the Product

The Sonozaire Ozone Generators are a portable and compact equipment that provides commercial-grade performance when it comes to creating ozone from the environment.  These are highly functional machines that can transform particles containing odor into clean and breathable air in no time at all, using very little amount of electricity.


Besides being used in big and small areas to keep a constant flow clean air devoid of odor, the Sonozaire equipments are extensively used in construction and repair fields to control the environment and produce sufficient amount of ozone particles.  

Besides, Ozone Generators are used:

  • in lessening smoke in fire damage
  • in carpet cleaning
  • in storage rooms and meat lockers
  • in processing plants
  • in tanneries and sewage plants
  • in hotel rooms and rental apartments/units
  • in garbage rooms
  • in restrooms and lockers
  • in detailing automotives
  • in dry cleaning plants,

and any other places where there could be unwanted odor to be controlled.


  • 140 watt od amps/volts required
  • No cycles
  • No fans
  • Adjustable timer that allows continuous output
  • 60 Hz cfm of Blower Air Volume
  • 5000 milligrams (5 grams) of Ozone output per hour
  • Dimension: 12” in length, 10” in height and 10” in width (approx.)

Usage Story

There was a case of a burst sewage pipe in the North Las Vegas, Nevada region where an entire apartment building experienced a sewage problem. Our water damage and repair company was called up to remedy the problem. Even though we reached the scene as soon as possible, by then, the dirty water from the sewage line had started backing up and coming out the sinks and bathtubs, toilets and other such lines. The basement of the building was flooded with sewage water and dirt and the entire building had become uninhabitable because of the dirty water and the odor.

When we went to work into that building, our first job was to clean the water and dry out the floors and the other areas. The drywalls and the cabinets in the kitchens and bathrooms had to be replaced, and extensive work had to be done to repair the basement. Even after all the work was done, the sewage water had left the entire building with an intense odor that was hard to ignore.

With the help of the Sonozaire Ozone Generator, we managed to control the odor in a very short time by transforming the odor particles into clean ozone. Soon the building was free of any unwanted odor and the residents were able to come back to their homes.