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Las Vegas Water Damage water clean up services

Water extraction or abstraction is basically a process where excess and unwanted water due to spontaneous flooding is vacuumed out and removed from the source. This stagnant water should immediately be cleaned as they can damage the structure, furniture and other personal belongings inside the building. Water clean up Las Vegas usually requires a step by step process which should be done with trusted and efficient mechanical equipment, and experts in water removal. Doing a clean job is the number one priority of Water Damage Las Vegas. Their highly-skilled professionals use only the best commercial-grade equipment and make sure they pack up the client’s items during demolition and unpack them after to prevent any unnecessary and further damage. Hiring a professional in this kind of dire situation can prove to be highly beneficial as professionals can help prevent mold and reduce drying time of the stagnant water.

Top Causes of Water Damage and Flooding

Rain Gutters Cramped With Debris

This is the most common cause of sudden flooding especially in places where large amounts of rainfall is expected to clog rain gutters. Instead of carrying the water through and into the storm drain, all the water can get clogged and eventually overflow. This can be dangerous especially if you have leaks in your basement walls as the flooding can get stagnant around your foundation. To avoid this, make sure you have all your gutters inspected for debris and cleaned at least once a year.

Faulty Hose of Washing Machine

Washing machines are supposed to be one of the greatest inventions when it comes to household chores. It helps you kill two birds with one stone with its ability to wash your laundry on its own so you can turn your attention on your other chores. It’s an extremely convenient modern marvel but it can also be a source of frustration and damage.

One of the top filed insurance claims comes from washing machine flooding due to leaky intake hoses. If not repaired immediately, it can quickly flood your home. So what can you do in this situation? Installing a valve shutoff on to your washing machine is the best way to avoid spontaneous flooding. Valve shutoffs can sense liquid puddling and quickly shuts off the washing machine’s water valve. You can also buy rubber hoses instead of the normal braided hose to further prevent leaking.

Leaky Water Heater

Your water heater can also be one of the sources of flooding and can lead to structural problems within your flooring or basement, and eventually the complete devastation of your water tank. A great amount of flowing water runs through your house because the tank was designed to have an endless supply of water. You don’t want to come home to a flooded house. So, once it starts to leak or you see any kind of dripping from the water heater, you should immediately call a professional to fix it for you.

Clogging on Sink Drains

Drains located in any sink can at times be clogged for various reasons. The clogging can be slow but can equally still be disastrous. This is especially true with households that have young children and elderly who can forget to turn off the faucet. The water can fill the sink and overflow into the bathroom floor, creating a big pool of stagnant water which can eventually leak to other spaces of your house, especially the basement and outer flooring. If you notice any kind of clogging, however slow, in your sinks, be sure to unclog it at once to reduce possible water damage in the future.

If in case you find out that your house and location are prone to spontaneous and quick flooding as written in this article from Governing, you may consider a sump pump installation. This kind of pump is highly recommended for houses that are built on a ground with higher water table than others. It is also important to remember that flooding can ultimately jeopardize the structural integrity of your house as it can increase deterioration of walls and floors, especially the foundation. Prevention is the quickest way to avoid any unnecessary abstraction but if in case it happens, make sure to contact a Vegas water clean up company. At Water Damage Las Vegas, we serve clients that are residing in Las Vegas, Henderson and even North of Las Vegas. Anyone in the Clark County can call our office for a free and no-obligations assessment of any water damage to your home. In a case of flooding, our professionals make a quick clean up to get rid of growing mold and rot. Having your house inspected is one decision you will never regret.

How Water Extraction Works

If any of the above mentioned causes of flooding occurs in your building, the stagnant water should immediately be removed to prevent any further damage. With us at Water Damage Las Vegas, we respond to such emergencies with a quick and efficient assessment done by only our highly-skilled experts with water damage. We fully understand the urgency and damage it can do to your home. With the help of our experts, you can go back to your normal daily activities in a short and quick time after the water removal.

Our first concentration when called to a flooded structure is the current situation of the flooding. If it is already deep and stagnant, we immediately remove it using our powerful vacuums and pumps. After drawing it out, we focus on the personal belongings that has been touched by the standing water.

We extract water in Las Vegas from our client’s buildings with the use of commercial-grade equipment. This includes mainly a large pipe that has suctioning power strong enough to draw out all the interior flooding. This is especially effective with certain flooding that seems to be impossible to remove or is too damaging to the structure. But in cases of flooding that is not deep, we dry out the water from furniture, flooring and other with the help of powerful industrial fan called the Viking Centrifugal Air Mover.

If in case the water has not been stagnant for too long, the water removal is relatively easy as it can quickly be dried out with our commercial air dryer. But if the standing water has been stagnant in a location for more than a day, there is a huge possibility that it has already damaged the flooring and other structural elements. According to Exploded Home, flooded wood floor can have up to 40% moisture content. Wood flooring is easily ruined by water and will need a quick repair and necessary replacement if soaked for more than 24 hours.

Even after we dry out the walls, replace the wooden flooring, our work is not yet finished. Flooding can soak in places that are not easily seen by homeowners and this is considered in our business as a crucial part in water damage inspection. If our Vegas water clean up company find any water that has accumulated in hidden places, we use our High Sensitivity Moisture Meters (also known as Thermal Hygrometers) to locate invisible moisture and growth of mold. After locating the damages, we then use our Air Scrubbers and HEPA Vacuums in destroying the buildup of mold, rot and hidden moisture.

The last and final job is applying sanitizer to the nooks and corners that have accumulated high amounts of moisture. These sanitizers are antimicrobial applicators that kill the growth of mold. We only consider our best Las Vegas water clean up as successful if we have completely cleared your building with any kind of water and bacteria that can harm you or your family members.

Get rid of any flooding and Prevent Sewage Water Damage in your home by talking to our experts at Water Damage Las Vegas. We are located at 544 W. Russell Road. Ask us about our insurance policies and deductible-reimbursement offers at (702)748-7720.