89108 Water and Mold Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

89108 Water and Mold Removal, Las Vegas Nevada
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In the 89108 area of Las Vegas, Nevada a neighboring condo unit caused water damage to another condo belonging to a potential client.  The water entered the second condo and the standing water damaged the dining room, the hallway and the bathrooms.  Unfortunately, the owner of the damaged condo was unaware of the full extent of the problem, and the damage was already several weeks old by the time help was summoned.  Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was called after the problem was discovered and our technical team immediately visited the site to assess the situation.  We were later hired by the owner of the condo to restore the unit and remedy all the damages that had taken place.

Since this loss was several days old, mold started growing inside the walls and on the wood framing.  Any more delay than the time that had already passed would have resulted in more damage to the condo unit.  Insurance Restoration Services (IRS), after being hired for the job – went in and performed a Las Vegas water damage clean up in the condo.

Fortunately, most surfaces of the condo – namely, the dining room, the hallway and the bathroom – were originally tiled, so the water could not damage the flooring.  The dining room was originally carpeted, and the cabinet was installed over the carpet.  The cabinetry in this case had a wet carpet trapped under it.  The wet carpet in combination with the length of time the walls were wet made drying the cabinet unfeasible.  Both the carpet and the cabinets had to be removed to be rebuilt later because not doing so will damage the other parts of the walls and the ceiling around the wet carpet.

Since the two condos were one on top of another, the water passed through the ceiling, making it the primary victim.  The ceiling had two layer of drywall serving as a sound barrier between units.  The additional layers of drywall inside the ceiling were completely wet and had a huge amount of moisture trapped inside it.  Mold had already started to grow in a massive scale inside the ceiling.  Much of the damaged ceiling needed to be removed in order to prevent mold growth.

Our team removed a large portion of the ceiling between the two units that was wet and had signs of mold growth.  Some of the walls of the hallways and dining room also had water and moisture trapped inside and needed to be removed too.  All these areas were cleaned free of dust and debris using our commercial grade HEPA vacuum; they were then wiped down before our drying equipment was set up.

In our line of work, we use a HEPA Air Filtration Device that can expertly suck away dust and debris.  One such machine was installed in the house to alleviate any dust or debris that may have been sprayed during demolition.  After we have thoroughly dried out any sign of wetness around the house – inside the ceilings, the walls or in any other places – we used our Laser Tape Measure to make sure there is no moisture trapped inside the structure of the house.  Since there wasn’t any sign of any unwanted moisture, we considered the job complete.