89014 Water Damage Cleanup, Henderson NV

89014 Water Damage Cleanup, Henderson NV
By: Jobs

Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was contacted by a potential customer after a water softener broke in garage.  The home was located in the 89014 area of Henderson Nevada and the water softener has been leaking water since a long time.  Our technicians arrived on the scene to asses the situation and found a large amount of standing water in the garage.  A quick response may have prevented demolition and saved on repair costs but the owner of the house was not aware of the situation before.

It is important to call a Las Vegas water damage cleanup expert as soon as the leak occurs because that would reduce a lot of damages to the homeowner and make the job easier for the restoration company.  However, since the owner was unaware of the situation, there was nothing to do for both party but to salvage what was possible from the damaged garage.

Since the water from the water softener had been standing on the garage floor for a long time, the flooring and the drywall had been damaged beyond repair.  It was not possible to save the flooring or the drywall, as well as the insulation kept inside the drywall structures.  Our restoration process required the technicians to remove the water damaged drywall and insulation before they start their job.

The garage floor was carpeted and the carpet had been soaking from the standing water even since the leak began.  The carpeting was completely damaged and had already started showing signs of mold growth.  Our team of technicians removed the entire carpet and disposed of it since it was beyond repair or restoration.  However, the water from the soaked carpet had reached the drywall and the few furniture that was in the garage by the time we started, and had to be replaced too.

After the water was extracted from the garage floor, we used several of our commercial-grade Air Movers to dry out the remaining water.  It took the machines several hours to dry out the wetness completely until we were satisfied with the result.  However, even after we finished drying out the water, our team of experts took a mold sample.  No remaining mold was found inside the drywall other than the ones we had already taken down.  Therefore, the areas other than the ones that we highlighted previously could be considered safe and clean, free of mold growth and bacteria.

After taking down the drywall and the insulation from inside the walls, the entire area was dried out and cleaned with a HEPA Air Vacuum. Afterwards, we applied sanitizer to the framing to prevent any mold growth in the future.  In our line of work, we always do this check to ensure that the property does not need a mold cleanup in the near future.  Mold can be very costly to get rid of, so we were glad to find out that the tests were negative.  We didn’t want our client to get infected with a mold growth only a few days or weeks afterwards and add more damage to the list.  All wood framing was dried using a dehumidifier and the job was completed in three days.