89135 Flood Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

89135 Flood Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

Floods are the number one forms of natural disaster in the USA. Even if none of us wants to be a victim of this kind of calamity, it sometimes could not be avoided. It damages your home and threaten the health of your family. No matter how severe the damage is, proper flood cleanup Las Vegas is imperative. When moisture is left for a long time, mold will thrive in hidden areas like in between walls. Molds cause allergy and even death in some cases. The clean-up should be done by professionals to make sure that it is done properly and thoroughly.

That is what a homeowner in the 89135 area of Las Vegas did. The client contacted us when the upstairs tenant caused a category two, class three flood. It was a situation that clearly needed a quick flood cleanup in Las Vegas and we’re glad to be there pronto!

The flood affected a big part of the garage, the laundry room, and the closet. We saw cracked floors and water that is still trickling from the garage ceiling. We were not able to find out what actually happened at the unit upstairs, but it really did considerable damage to our client’s home.

Before the team started working, all water outlets were turned off. This avoids further water leakage in the damaged areas. The upstairs flooring was removed to dry the subfloor thoroughly. It is the same reason why baseboards were also removed as well as the garage ceiling and dry wall. A total of five air movers were used to dry the area. All these are necessary to take moisture out completely. Fortunately, the garage floor was made of slab so it was saved. The closet, which was made of vinyl, was however, unrecoverable.

Like we always do, we made sure that our job was thorough and complete. We made sure no moisture was left. We used a Thermal Detector for accuracy. When it was determined that the place was totally dried out, we left another satisfied client who was all praises for the quick response and excellent result.

So, if an unfortunate event like this happens to you, you know who to call. Our team is ready to help you with flood cleanup Vegas. We operate 24/7 to make sure that everyone is safe from water damage. Let our experienced and highly qualified team get you out of water and flood trouble. Call Water Damage Las Vegas and we’ll get to you quick!