89014 Water Restoration, Las Vegas Nevada

89014 Water Restoration, Las Vegas Nevada

Our company, Insurance Restoration Services (IRS), was contacted when a water heater broke in a residential home in 89014 area of Henderson, Nevada.  The water that leaked out from the water heater caused immense damage to the contents of the laundry room, garage, and dining room, and prompted the owner of the house to contract us immediately for assistance.

Water extraction in Las Vegas home was successfully performed by Insurance Restoration Services upon receiving the call from our potential client.

Most of the furniture and other contents in the laundry room, garage and the dining room were submerged in water by the time our team arrived.  Our first job was to remove the furniture and other valuables of these effected rooms.  The toe kicks of the water damaged vanity were removed in order to properly dry the vanity as well as the drywall behind the vanity.  The carpet pad was removed from the dining room area, along with baseboards.  This was an important step that needed to be completed quickly in order to properly dry the home.  A small hole was cut in the water heater pedestal in order to remove water damaged insulation.  This eliminated the possibility of further damage from the water heater.

Meanwhile, our commercial-grade drying equipment was setup around the house.  We began by extracting the excess water lying around the damaged sections of the house – the garage, the laundry room and the dining room.  When the excess water was diligently removed, the areas that were damaged were still wet.  Extracting the water from the house was only the first part of the job, and the next steps were equally important.

We used our industrial-grade Air Movers to completely dry out the flooring and the walls of the areas that were wet.  The Air Mover, in no time, was able to dry the water that had seeped inside the structure of the house, especially the wetness that was invisible to the naked eye.  When we were satisfied with the result of the Commercial Air Movers, we still used our Thermal Cameras – cameras that can detect moisture inside walls and under the flooring.  The thermal camera showed us what we had hoped for – that there was no hidden moisture inside the house that could create problems later.

However, the water had left a musky odor behind because the water leaked from the heater had been standing for some time before we arrived on the scene.  To remove this odor, we had to use our Commercial Dehumidifier – a machine that has been designed to dry the air of any residual odor that had been left by the standing water.  At the same time, the Commercial Dehumidifier also cleaned the air of any moisture that had been roaming around the house and could later settle on the walls and floors and allow growth of mold.

When we have extracted the water and dried the floors and the walls of the house, as well as cleaned the air, we can successfully declare the house completely dry and clean.