89012 Water Extraction, Las Vegas Nevada

89012 Water Extraction, Las Vegas Nevada

There are many ways water damage can happen to your property. It could be caused by flood waters, broken pipes, blocked drains, storms, sewage problems, and defective appliances. Our years of water extraction Las Vegas required us to handle various cases of faulty water heaters, leaked laundry machines, and cracked toilet. The most serious ones, however, were those caused by glitches in plumbing. It could get worse since pipes are shielded by walls. This means that problems could be going on for a while but are left undetected.

Such is the case of our client who lives in 89012 Las Vegas, Nevada. By the time we got there, the damage was so severe that it already affected the bathroom, the bedrooms, and closets. Apparently, the root of the problem was out of plain sight. The homeowner had no idea of the impending wreckage until water seeped through other areas of the house.

The Thermal Camera indicated 200 maximum moisture level. Our thorough inspection gave disheartening results, but the damage was reparable, nonetheless. The walls were severely waterlogged. Some wood parts, like the flooring, were already warped due to severe water damage. Serious black mold was wreaking havoc on the shower wall.

We immediately started our water extraction in Las Vegas to remove all moisture right away to avoid further damages. First, all water sources were turned off according to standard operating procedures. This keeps further water leakage and allows our team to work smoothly. A 6-mil polyethylene sheeting was set up as barriers to contain mold and the crew made sure the area has negative pressure. Upon removing the broken pipe, it was turned over to the client to aid in subrogation. All areas that came into contact with the water, including the baseboard, and laminate flooring, were removed. Part of the dry wall was also taken down to make sure that no moisture is left.

After the demolition, all areas were cleaned, sanitized, and dried using a high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) air filter.  We took our Thermal Camera out again to check if there’s still moisture left. When we found nothing, we declared the operation a success.

In case you find yourself in the same situation as our client, you will need a Las Vegas water extraction right away. We operate 24/7 so you don’t hesitate to call us any time. Situations like this require fast and reliable action like ours. Call us now and we’ll send our highly-skilled, experienced team to your property.