89135 Water Extraction, Las Vegas Nevada

89135 Water Extraction, Las Vegas Nevada

Water damage in Las Vegas homes are often caused by leaks from faulty appliances. In Insurance Restoration Services, we have dealt with clients who suffered because of their broken laundry machines and water heaters. Recently, our team was called into an 89135 home for a water extraction, Las Vegas. In this particular situation, the culprit was a damaged water softener. Apparently, the homeowners had no idea that their water softening system was already spewing out water. They only discovered that something was wrong when they noticed signs of water damage appearing on their dry walls.

At first look, our client’s home seemed fine. However, if you look closer and if you feel the dry walls, you can immediately tell that the residence was soaked in water. In fact, it was in a worse condition. Everything was saturated inside the home. This is why we had to do a big demolition job. Our team had to take out the dry walls, base boards and insulation as all of them were damaged by the water. Even the flooring in the living room area is in bad condition. However, we didn’t take the flooring out in the said area. We left it there for assessment of the insurance company.

Before we started the water extraction, Las Vegas, we turned off all sources of water and removed the damaged water softener. This measure has to be taken so that no further damage can be done to the client’s home and so that we can do our job properly as well. We follow these strict standard operating procedures for a reason. We want to deliver satisfying results and we have successfully done so for years.

After all of that was taken care of, we brought in our commercial grade equipment. We set up three fans to dry out the affected area. We left them running for a substantial amount of time and after, we checked the affected area for any signs of hidden moisture. With the use of a Thermal Detector, we tried looking for any water we might have missed out and fortunately, there weren’t any left. We declared our client’s home as dry and safe for their family.

If at some point you will need our services, do not hesitate to call us. We are ready to help you 24 hours of the day. We take our job seriously and we prioritize your satisfaction. It would also be our pleasure to accommodate any inquiries you might have about our water extraction, Las Vegas service.