89049 Flood Damage Clean up, Las Vegas Nevada

89049 Flood Damage Clean up, Las Vegas Nevada

Floods could happen without a single warning. They also come with devastating effects. Depending on its severity, flood water can bring damage to building structures, floors, walls, and furniture. Flood can happen due to overflowing rivers and seas, broken drains, faulty appliances and rising ground water levels. Flood damage clean up Las Vegas is needed immediately to recover affected items and dry them quickly. This is done to minimize damage and prevent molds from growing.

Flood Damage in a Mobile Home 89049 Area

A mobile home in the 89049 area experienced some flood damage because of a defective angle stop under the kitchen sink. Water Damage Las Vegas was called to inspect the property and found the laminate and carpeted area severely damaged.

The Las Vegas flood clean up required quick water extraction to keep the damage from spreading. Commercial air scrubbers were used to remove contaminants from the air. Industrial grade dehumidifiers were also needed to remove water retained by the drywall and baseboards.

Since the laminated and carpeted flooring could not be salvaged, they had to be removed before the team went on to clean the whole property. Further inspection showed rotten joints and vent infested with black molds.

Dependable Water Damage Las Vegas Team

Floodwater may carry toxic waste from sewers especially in cases like this. Water Damage Las Vegas always keeps in mind the importance of keeping clients safe from harmful residue left behind by the flood. This is why our team uses the most effective cleaning solutions and equipment whether the job is for commercial or residential properties.

Quick Response Flood Damage Clean Up Las Vegas

When a fixture or an appliance such as shower, water heater, sink, or toilet malfunctions, the flood could rise to an alarming level in just a matter of minutes. This is why the flood damage team should arrive and work quickly. This helps keep the structure, carpeting, the furniture, and all other areas from costly damage.

So in the unfortunate event of a flood on your property, contact Water Damage Las Vegas right away. We are the most reliable team when it comes to flood clean up in Las Vegas. We are available round the clock to make sure residents of Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas has someone to turn to when they need immediate rescue from floodwater. Because we work with major insurance companies, you need not worry about your insurance claims. We also keep your items safe during and after the demolition. Call us today for a free assessment.