89129 Flood Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

89129 Flood Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was called in the early hours of the morning when a toilet supply line burst in a house in the 89129 area of Las Vegas.  The water from the burst toilet had already gathered inside the bathroom and was fast spreading to the other rooms of the house.  Since this was an urgent matter, our technicians and experts rushed to the scene to assess the water damage in Las Vegas home.  As soon as they arrived on the site, they began to extract the standing water; at the same time, the homeowner and his family were assisting to protect their furniture and other belonging.

Very soon, we were successful in removing all furniture and personal possessions from the vicinity of the standing water.  However, by then, the water has reached almost all the rooms in the house and was standing still.  Fortunately, the entire house was tiled, and not much damage was seen in the flooring because the water hadn’t been standing for long.  Flooring was saved throughout house, but the carpeting pads had to be removed to expedite the drying process.  All water had been turned off or secured prior to any work being done.  We attempted to stop the leaking water first so that the source of the water leaks are no more, before we could get down to work on the standing water around the house.

The baseboards were removed from all water damaged walls; toe kicks were removed from the bathroom and one particular cabinet in the kitchen.  The water that had reached the kitchen and the hallway had to be extracted quickly before they could damage the furniture or get into the walls.  A massive growth of hidden mold was discovered behind the baseboards in the hallways and dining area which needed to be fixed.  One particular drywall showed mold growth in the bathroom and had to be taken off to clean and dry.  A small amount of drywall was also removed under the stairs to facilitate drying.

A total of eight air movers and one dehumidifier were used to dry the loss.  The air movers were all placed around the house – most of them in the bathroom where the leak originated, and the others in the hallways and the dining room to dry out the water that reached these areas.  It took us a several hours to completely dry out the water inside the whole house.  In the meantime, we sought out other locations in the house where mold could have grown, but found only a few of them, mostly around the bathroom.  We applied sanitizer to these locations, using our antimicrobial applicators, so that there won’t be any mold growth in these areas in the future due to moisture in the air.

After all signs of mold growth have been removed from the bathroom, the hallways and the entire house, we worked to replace the drywall that had to be taken down.  We used our Laser Tape Measure to look for any hidden moisture source around the house, but found none.  Therefore, we were satisfied with our work to declare the whole house dry and clean.