89142 Water Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

89142 Water Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

Water leaks can be hard to spot unless they begin causing obvious damage. In fact, they can happen at a large scale without a homeowner knowing that his residence is already soaked in water. If this situation happens to your home, do not panic. Insurance Restoration Services is a reliable company that you can call any time of the day. Our line is open for 24 hours to address your emergency situations. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond to you right away like what we did to one of our clients who lives in the 89142 area of Nevada. The client called us up and we responded right away to perform a water cleanup, Las Vegas.

A lot of homeowners feel that water is just harmless. That is not true. That is actually a very dangerous belief to foster. Water, if left stagnant, can put your home at risk. Not only will it destroy the structure itself but it can also affect your health. Water stuck in between your walls and other hard to reach areas in your home promotes the growth of mold. Mold then affects your health giving you allergic reactions and in severe cases, death. We don’t mean to scare you but that is the truth. Physicians can back up this fact.

It’s a good thing that our client called us up immediately. Apparently, his air conditioning duct has been leaking water the whole time. The water seeped through the ceiling affecting both the kitchen and living room. The damage was so extensive that the dry walls already had cracks. Even without the use of our gadgets, we could tell right away that our client’s home was in trouble. But of course, we utilized our state of the art equipment to accurately spot moisture and determine the extent of the damage. We follow a strict standard operating procedure to deliver successful results.

Before bringing in our commercial grade drying equipment, we had to make sure that the airborne pollutants do not contaminate other parts of the home. To secure the area, our specialists set up containment barriers of plastic sealed with tape. Also, our team had to perform a demolition. Drywall, floor boards, ceiling and toe kicks were all removed from the home.

After using the drying equipment, our team used a Thermal Detector to identify if there are still problem areas in the home. We are glad to declare this case as another job well done!