89049 Water Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

89049 Water Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

If you find your home flooded with water, you need immediate water damage clean up Las Vegas. You might think that it is something you should remedy on your own. But getting water out of your property requires commercial grade equipment and professional skills. This is to make sure that it is completely dry, else you end up with structural damage, molds, and other health risks.

Water Damage Cleanup Las Vegas Mobile Home

Water Damage Las Vegas was called to a mobile home in the 89049 area that had water damage due to faulty angle stop under the kitchen sink. The water damage affected the laminate and carpeted area including the flooring and shelves.

The team immediately extracted water and dried out the area with their commercial grade air scrubbers and dehumidifiers. All affected areas were removed to make sure no molds would grow behind them. The laminated and carpeted flooring was damaged by the standing water so they had to be removed as well as the baseboards and drywall. Water Damage Las Vegas cleaned the whole property including the area under the mobile home, the vent, and the joints which were mostly rotten and infested with black molds.

Reliable Water Damage Cleanup Clark County

Safety and sanitation are top priorities when doing water damage cleanup in Las Vegas. Water Damage Las Vegas used a modern filtration system and humidifiers to remove contaminants and bad odor from the client’s mobile home. Before leaving, they checked their thermal camera to make sure the home is totally dry and moisture-free.

Immediate Flood Damage Clean Up in Vegas

Water damage cleanup is immediately necessary when the situation involves malfunctioning fixture or appliance. Common culprits are showers, water heaters, pipes, toilets, and sinks. Whatever the cause, water needs to be removed quickly to salvage carpet and furniture, therefore reducing the costs of damage.

In the areas of Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas, Water Damage Las Vegas is the most trusted team to respond to emergency water damage situations. We operate 24/7 to make sure that the people of Clark County are safe from water damage. We work with leading insurance companies so you can be sure that your claims are covered. Your items are also safe with us as we take care of them during and after the demolition.

Las Vegas water damage cleanup requires commercial grade equipment and expert skills. Water Damage Las Vegas promises you both. Call us now for a free assessment.