Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras are a widely used piece of equipment that is used to pick out places in an environment that contains moisture hidden from the eye. In our job to repair water damaged homes in areas around Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas, we use thermal cameras to determine whether there is any water damage to the property,

A commercial-grade piece of equipment, such as the one we use in our business, helps identify hidden sources of moisture inside the walls – locations that would not have been visible to the naked eye but would have created long-lasting problems inside the house. For it’s outstanding performance and The Flir Thermal Camera is the equipment that we chose for this vital responsibility.


Flir thermal cameras makes it easier for us to determine the source and location of harm inside a house that can be caused by:

  • Inadequate, missing or damaged insulation,
  • Intrusion of moisture inside the walls,
  • Destructive water damages, and
  • Envelop air leaks.

With the commercial-grade thermal cameras from Flir, it is possible to instantly see the differences in temperature in a specific location – differentiate the wet locations from the dry ones – so that our water damage business can quickly get to work to make the house safe from future damage. Like us, many other building experts also prefer this particular brand for their thermal imaging needs.

About the Product

The various models available from Flir thermal camera range allows numerous advantages to the users, including:

  • Automatic Image Calibration
  • Color Image Display for Moisture Alert
  • Storage capacity for image and data
  • Easy communication through WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Minimum Response time needed
  • Long running battery, both in use and stand-by
  • Drop-test Certified
  • Approved by multiple agencies
  • Rechargeable battery

These and many other characteristics of thermal cameras available from Flir make them a priority to users when it comes to choosing commercial grade products for business.

Usage Story  

A call we received from a residential house in the Henderson area had us rushed to the scene, only to discover a serious water leakage inside, caused by a major pipe burst. We cleaned up the damage done to the floors and the walls in a very short time. However, after concluding the job – for a final evaluation, we used our Flir Thermal Camera to look for hidden moisture inside the walls. We were surprised to discover a large part of it indicating a moisture build-up – something which was completely invisible to the naked eye, but would have created a much bigger problem in the near future.

That is we were able to declare the house completely safe and taken care of – after we have finished drying out the moisture that had built up inside the walls. Had we not used a thermal camera as effective as powerful as the Flir model that we use, it is possible that we would have missed this vital piece of water damage to the house.

Water leaks in Las Vegas are quite common, so in order to ensure proper cleanup we use thermal cameras. The available ranges of thermal cameras from Flir makes our work of water damage cleanup easier, and helps us to completely secure a house from all signs of damage caused by water.