Antimicrobial Applicator

Antimicrobial applicators are used, mostly in repair as well as construction jobs, to battle smoke and odor by spraying odor counteract-ant. It also has some other applications as well; however, in our Las Vegas water damage repair and clean up business, we use antimicrobial applicators to sanitize affected areas in mold clean up jobs.

In our business to clean up and repair water damaged homes in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson areas, we come across a number of residential and commercial locations which has been extensively affected by molds. A part of our clean up process requires us to clean as well as sanitize these areas, and this is where we require the help of a good antimicrobial applicator.

About the Product

Generally, a good antimicrobial applicator guarantees as much as 99.9% elimination of bacteria and other such germs. This protection, according to these companies that market commercial-grade products, will continue for around 2.5 to 3 years without any chance of complaints.

Usually non-toxic chemicals are sprayed via these antimicrobial applicators that proactively fights growth of bacteria and germs, but is at the same time, harmless to touch. They create a protective layer on the surfaces on which the sprayer is used that also prevents bad odor and does not stain.

It is because of an effective antimicrobial applicator that we, in our Las Vegas water damage cleanup business, can successfully perform our tasks and save the homes and other buildings of our customers from mold and other such bacteria, germs and odors. It is an equipment that we use extensively and satisfactorily in our work.


Antimicrobial applicators can also be used:

  • in remedying residential homes, commercial spaces, businesses and other locations
  • in pre-treating new buildings against mold attacks
  • in preventing mold in cases of flooding or water damage
  • in preventing the advent of mold inside cars, sporting equipment and other vehicles
  • in eliminating mold that is found in drywall and concrete during renovation
  • in preventing mold buildup in locations that experience stagnant water, i.e. bathtubs, shower stalls, bathroom and kitchen tiles, sinks, etc.

These applicators can be used in a variety of fields besides repair and construction; namely, the health sector, educational institutions, transportation, and sports and hospitality sectors.

Usage Story

Our business received a call from a home office in North Las Vegas, Nevada where a pipe located near the ceiling in one of the rooms in the two-storied house has leaked two weeks ago. The drippings from the leaked pipe has caused a stain on the ceiling, causing drops of water to fall down on the computers and other electronic accessories in that room.

We responded to that call as soon as possible, and after the initial free assessment, discovered a large portion of the ceiling affected by the leaking water. We removed all the electronic equipment from that room, and changed the part of the ceiling that needed replacing. Before we finished the job, we sprayed the entire location – around the pipe that had leaked – with our antimicrobial applicator because we feared the growth of mold and bacteria in that part of the ceiling.

After we have used our antimicrobial applicator to prevent growth of mold from water damage, we were content that the particular area would not need our attention for a long time in the future.