Thermal Hygrometer

Sometimes, in our work of Las Vegas water damage clean up, we need to measure the temperature and relative humidity of a particular location. This job is done by the help of a Thermal Hygrometers, whose purpose is to inform us how drenched that specific place is and if there has been any progress in drying. Our bus......... more »

Antimicrobial Applicator

Antimicrobial applicators are used, mostly in repair as well as construction jobs, to battle smoke and odor by spraying odor counteract-ant. It also has some other applications as well; however, in our Las Vegas water damage repair and clean up business, we use antimicrobial applicators to sanitize affected areas in ......... more »

Laser Tape Measure

Compared to an old fashioned measuring tape, a laser tape measure is a much more effective piece of equipment, especially when it comes to a business such as ours. In our field of work to repair and cleanup water damage in residential and commercial buildings around Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson region, we u......... more »

Ozone Generator

Ozone Generators are also known as Odor Neutralizers, and as the name suggests, this equipment plays a vital role of removing any sort of odor from an environment.  In many of the jobs that come to our business of water damage repair and water damage cleanup in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson areas, we have ......... more »

HEPA Filtered Air Filtration Device (Air Scrubber)

HEPA Filtered Air Filtration Devices are more commonly known as Air Scrubbers, which are used to capture odor, dust particles, mold and smoke from the air.  It is a filtration system that takes in ‘negative air’ from the environment and passes it through the HEPA filter to produce cleaner air.   In our water d......... more »

HEPA Vacuums

A HEPA Vacuum, as the name suggests, is a vacuum cleaner, but one that is much more powerful and effective than an ordinary household appliance.  As most people and businesses that work in construction and restoration knows, a HEPA Vacuum is an essential equipment that cleans mold, odor, dust and debris from the envir......... more »

High Sensitivity Moisture Meters

Moisture Meters are another sort of essential equipment for our Las Vegas water damage repair business which we use in our work. These are, basically, a dual purpose meter which is used to measure both connectivity and the moisture content of the materials that are being tested. As a company that works to clean up ......... more »

Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras are a widely used piece of equipment that is used to pick out places in an environment that contains moisture hidden from the eye. In our job to repair water damaged homes in areas around Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas, we use thermal cameras to determine whether there is any water damage to t......... more »

Commercial Air Movers

A commercial air mover, particularly the ones that use centrifugal force, is usually used to dry walls, floors and ceilings in areas that have been damaged by water. In our business, we use the top quality air movers in our work mainly to push out the hot dry air that the dehumidifiers puts out into the walls. Commerci......... more »

Commercial Dehumidifiers

Commercial dehumidifiers are typically used to lower moisture from the environment, by drawing out humidity. It pulls in the damp air and eliminates the moisture, ultimately pumping out dry air that is devoid of any odor or humidity.   The Phoenix 200 Max is the Commercial Dehumidifier that our company (water damag......... more »