89103 Water Damage Clean Up, Las Vegas Nevada

89103 Water Damage Clean Up, Las Vegas Nevada

Property owners dread the occurrence of water damage. But when the dishwasher hose breaks, the washing machine overflows, the toilet gets clogged, or the pipes leak, there is nothing left to do but call experts to do some water damage clean up Las Vegas. If not, the damage on furniture, upholstery, appliance, plumbing, and electronics can cost thousands. In fact, according to the Insurance Industry Research, 14,000 people in the US encounters water damage emergencies each day and each home water damage insurance claim would cost an average of $6, 965.

Minimizing Water Damage from a Home in 89103 Las Vegas

A home in 89103 Las Vegas once experienced a category two class two flood. The Water Damage Las Vegas team found that this was caused by a slab leak. The living room, where the majority of the damage happened, has laminate floor material. Unfortunately, it was totally damaged and was needed to be removed to prevent further damage.

Proper Water Damage Prevention

Hiring Water Damage Las Vegas was a wise move from the homeowner. With our expertise and commercial grade equipment, the cleanup process was quick and thorough. The Las Vegas water damage would have increased the risk of mold growth if done the wrong way.

Before the water extraction was started, all water sources were closed and electricity was turned off. The broken components were set aside for subrogation purposes. 2 feet of the drywall was severely damaged so that needed to be cut. The water heater also needed to be pulled out so the team can work on the wet drywall properly. The same thing was done to the wet baseboards and floorboards.

Next, barriers were placed to prevent contaminants from spreading. The team used commercial grade air movers to make sure the drying process is done quickly. To make sure there are no hidden pockets of water left, a thermal camera was used to scan the entire property. This makes a more accurate and thorough water extraction job.

Hire Professional Water Damage Clean Up Las Vegas Now

It is important to hire professionals for water damage clean up in Las Vegas right away when water damage happens. If left for a while. It could cause mold growth that could lead to serious health issues. So call Water Damage Las Vegas immediately whether it is morning, noon, or midnight. Our team is ready to serve the residents of Clark County whenever water damage arise. Get a free assessment or call us whenever you need our help.