89109 Mold Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

89109 Mold Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

Mold works like a silent killer in Las Vegas homes. It attacks unknowing homeowners by quietly growing in hard to reach areas like in between walls and base boards. Residents of the home remain unaware until they begin to experience inexplicable allergic reactions. In cases like these, they call in companies like ours for a mold cleanup. This is what happened most recently with one of our clients. Insurance Restoration Services was called into a home located in the 89109 area to perform a water damage cleanup, Las Vegas.

The client who called up our company lived in a unit situated directly below a pool. Unfortunately, the pool flooded and leaked water through his ceiling. It damaged his insulation, paint and even some wall cabinets in his home. When our time arrived, they saw the extent of the damage and classified this case as a category 3 class 2 flood. There were water rings surrounding the lighting system. Some parts of the ceiling already had paint peeling off and wooden cabinets were warped. Those alarming signs gave us our go signal. Our team immediately got to work by first bringing in our state of the art equipment.

The first step in our water damage cleanup, Las Vegas process is to make sure that the affected area is dry. This is to prevent any more damage to the property. To do this, our specialists set up air moves, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers. This is also to get rid of any airborne pollutants that was already circulating inside the home. Of course, before any work was done, all water sources were turned off. This is a strict part of our standard operating procedures that we always follow in every case we handle.

Additionally, we also had to make sure that we don’t further contaminate other areas of the home. So before turning on all of our equipment, we set up containment barriers that separated the affected area of the unit from the clean ones. Once we have secured the area, we turned on our commercial grade equipment.

After a substantial amount of time, our team turned off the equipment and using our reliable gadgets, we checked if there was still mold and water hidden in the home. The results were negative. Our client’s home was clean and free from any dangerous mold and water. Once again, our team has performed satisfactory work. If you want to work with someone reliable and with someone who can really deliver results, we are your best choice. Contact us for any inquiry you might have.