How long does cleanup take?

A typical water damage takes three to five days to properly dry down.

Laser Tape Measure

Compared to an old fashioned measuring tape, a laser tape measure is a much more effective piece of equipment, especially when it comes to a business such as ours. In our field of work to repair and cleanup water damage in residential and commercial buildings around Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson region, we u......... more »

89129 Mold Restoration, Las Vegas NV

In a residential home in the 89129 area of Las Vegas, an appliance company improperly installed a refrigerator.  The ice maker line became dislodged causing unseen water damage in Las Vegas home for an unknown amount of time.  The water that leaked from the refrigerator stood under and behind the appliance for a lon......... more »

89129 Mold Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

Mold is every homeowner's nightmare. Not only do they cause health issues, they can also affect a home's value. If not addressed as early as possible, a family might be forced to abandon their home because it has become a hazard to their health. This is why a mold removal, Las Vegas is a must. Many people think that......... more »

What are your hours?

We are a 24/7 company. You can call us day or night

Antimicrobial Applicator

Antimicrobial applicators are used, mostly in repair as well as construction jobs, to battle smoke and odor by spraying odor counteract-ant. It also has some other applications as well; however, in our Las Vegas water damage repair and clean up business, we use antimicrobial applicators to sanitize affected areas in ......... more »

89118 Mold Cleanup, Las Vegas NV

Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) responded to the call of a distraught client who was experiencing a water leak originating from a washing machine.  The supply valve of the washing machine was leaking water into the floor of the entire house, causing the growth of mold.  This home in the 89118 area of Las Vegas, ......... more »

89048 Mold Clean up, Las Vegas Nevada

How often do you check the condition of your appliances at home? How many times in a month do you test them out to see if they are leaking water? If this exercise is not a part of your routine yet, now is the time to start. You see, appliances in our home can be the cause of major disasters like a mold problem. Laun......... more »

About Us

Flooding and leaks are an all too common occurrence in Las Vegas households, and when it happens it can be difficult to know where to turn.  This can be a major problem as water damage starts happening almost immediately.  Mold can start growing in as little as 2 days, and drywall & flooring can absorb water and ......... more »

Thermal Hygrometer

Sometimes, in our work of Las Vegas water damage clean up, we need to measure the temperature and relative humidity of a particular location. This job is done by the help of a Thermal Hygrometers, whose purpose is to inform us how drenched that specific place is and if there has been any progress in drying. Our bus......... more »

89147 Water Damage, Las Vegas Nevada

Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was contacted by a client who noticed a musty odor in their home.  Before that, they hadn't known that, several weeks previously, a pipe had broken inside a wall in the bedroom of a home.  The customer, upon discovering the situation in their residential home in the 89147 area of......... more »

89113 Flood Damage Clean Up, Las Vegas Nevada

Flooding is not only caused by natural circumstances. It can also be the result of many other things. In our years of experience, we have handled numerous cases involving cracked toilets, broken water heaters and leaking laundry machines. The most severe ones we have seen were often caused by faulty plumbing. Since pip......... more »

How much does it cost?

The good news is that when done properly, and quickly, your homeowners insurance usually covers the water damage repair with only your deductible to pay. It’s important to get the job done properly and present the proper documentations or you could end up having to pay more out-of-pocket.

89123 Water Restoration, Las Vegas Nevada

Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was contacted when a vandal broken into a house in the 89123 area of Las Vegas and stole a refrigerator.  In this act of theft and in a state of hurry, he broke the ice maker line which caused serious damage to the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and garage, which were all made of......... more »

89012 Water Extraction, Las Vegas Nevada

There are many ways water damage can happen to your property. It could be caused by flood waters, broken pipes, blocked drains, storms, sewage problems, and defective appliances. Our years of water extraction Las Vegas required us to handle various cases of faulty water heaters, leaked laundry machines, and cracked toi......... more »

Happy Anniversary! (To Us)

It's our 1-year anniversary today!  In the past year, we've helped many Las Vegas homeowners with water damage cleanup and insurance claims.  As one of the fastest growing disaster restoration companies in the valley, we've almost tripled in size, and can now service even more customers. We've also extended our re......... more »

89101 Sewer Damage and Repair, Las Vegas Nevada

Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was contacted when a vandal unexpectedly put a rock in a sewer pipe outside a commercial apartment complex in the 89101 area of Las Vegas, Nevada.  This treacherous act caused the sewage line to backup into all the units, and caused extensive damaged to two units of the building in......... more »

89135 Flood Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

Floods are the number one forms of natural disaster in the USA. Even if none of us wants to be a victim of this kind of calamity, it sometimes could not be avoided. It damages your home and threaten the health of your family. No matter how severe the damage is, proper flood cleanup Las Vegas is imperative. When moistur......... more »

Roof Leaks Las Vegas

The mostly dry climate of the city would probably make a person assume that roof leaks Las Vegas are very uncommon in residential homes, if none at all. The city has mostly high winds and scorching heat all throughout the year, making it seem impossible for a roof leak to spontaneously occur. But contrary to popular be......... more »

89156 Sewage Clean Up, Las Vegas NV

Our company, Water Damage Las Vegas, received a call from a distressed homeowner whose sewage line has suddenly collapsed.  The dirty water from the sewage like has caused the sewage water to backup into a condo in the 89156 area of Las Vegas, NV.  The sewage water had also come back up through the kitchen sink, much......... more »

89121 Mold Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

Mold becomes a homeowner’s nightmare especially when it’s left undetected for quite some time. They are the culprit of some health problems. They also decrease your property’s market value. If you don’t act quickly enough, you might need to abandon your property. It can become a health hazard. In cases like thi......... more »

Las Vegas Flood Damage Restoration

What is Flood Damage? As the name very clearly suggests, flood damage is when water floods a house or a building and damages almost everything that it touches.  Depending on whether the flooding was shallow or deep, personal belongings, furniture, electrical appliances and anything else inside the house can be affect......... more »

My toilet kept running and overflowed over the bowl.  I cleaned everything up, everything appears to be dry, is there anything else I need to do?

It's possible the baseboards, walls, or cabinets may have absorbed water.  Moisture may be trapped behind the baseboards, behind your vanity or in other areas although your home may feel dry or appear to be dry.  Building materials rapidly absorb moisture like a sponge and can hold moisture  for days creating the po......... more »

89014 Water Restoration, Las Vegas Nevada

Our company, Insurance Restoration Services (IRS), was contacted when a water heater broke in a residential home in 89014 area of Henderson, Nevada.  The water that leaked out from the water heater caused immense damage to the contents of the laundry room, garage, and dining room, and prompted the owner of the house t......... more »

89109 Water Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

The standard homeowner’s insurance policy covers the cost of accidental damages such as those caused by storms, break-ins and defective equipment. This is according to The Law Dictionary. It is necessary to understand this because broken fixtures such as a cracked sink or leaking toilet are the usual cause of floodi......... more »

Water Leaks Las Vegas

Water leaks are one of the main reasons for water damage in Las Vegas, as well as any other location.  When plumbing lines or pipes leak somewhere inside a building, the leaking water creates a number of problems for the overall infrastructure and the inhabitants of the house. What is special and more worrying abou......... more »

89178 Mold Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

Our company, Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) responded to an urgent call by a distressed client whose home was covered by an extensive growth of black mold.  The culprit of the mold problem was simply a cracked toilet tank that was unknowingly leaking water on the floor of the powder room.  However, the damage i......... more »

89108 Flood Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

An indoor flood caused by broken toilet is the last thing you will ever want to happen in your home. Water damage is already bad enough since it can weaken wood, ruin carpets, and cause mold infestation. The damage increases when the water is highly dangerous or unsanitary. It is risky to leave the situation to the wro......... more »

Water Clean Up Las Vegas

Water extraction or abstraction is basically a process where excess and unwanted water due to spontaneous flooding is vacuumed out and removed from the source. This stagnant water should immediately be cleaned as they can damage the structure, furniture and other personal belongings inside the building. Water clean up ......... more »

Commercial Dehumidifiers

Commercial dehumidifiers are typically used to lower moisture from the environment, by drawing out humidity. It pulls in the damp air and eliminates the moisture, ultimately pumping out dry air that is devoid of any odor or humidity.   The Phoenix 200 Max is the Commercial Dehumidifier that our company (water damag......... more »

89130 Flood Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was called up by a distraught couple who were experiencing a massive flood in their 89130 home. The flood covered the entire second floor of their residence and also caused damage to other areas located on the ground floor. It originated from a faulty toilet supply line which the ho......... more »

89049 Water Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

If you find your home flooded with water, you need immediate water damage clean up Las Vegas. You might think that it is something you should remedy on your own. But getting water out of your property requires commercial grade equipment and professional skills. This is to make sure that it is completely dry, else you e......... more »

Water Removal Las Vegas

Water damage in Las Vegas is not a rare occurrence, and most home owners and inhabitants have faced this calamity some time in their life - in both a small or large manner.  It is an incident where water from a number of sources flood a building, damaging the flooring, walls and ceilings of that house or office.  Wa......... more »

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If emergency service is needed, please call us at 702-748-7720, we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week! [wufoo username="bizsitenow" formhash="z1ckotyi1pqdna7" autoresize="true" height="660" header="show" ssl="false"]......... more »

Water Damage Insurance
89141 Water and Mold Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

Because of a broken water heater, a home located in the 89141 area of Las Vegas, Nevada was drenched in water. The flood affected several areas of the residence including the living room, laundry room, garage, hall and hall closet. By the time that our company Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was called out by our ......... more »

89103 Water Extraction, Las Vegas Nevada

Standing water that is left for a long time can become a health hazard. It should be avoided. Water can cause severe damage to your home. It seeps into carpets, sofas, pillows, and damage your appliances and furniture. Professional water extraction Las Vegas is the best way to remove flood water from your home. Doing i......... more »

Water Extraction Las Vegas

There are many reasons why water damage in homes should be given immediate attention. Aside from being annoying, failing to properly extract water in Las Vegas homes can lead to serious health risks. Water extraction, or sometimes called as water abstraction, is the process of removing unwanted water from its source. T......... more »

Commercial Air Movers

A commercial air mover, particularly the ones that use centrifugal force, is usually used to dry walls, floors and ceilings in areas that have been damaged by water. In our business, we use the top quality air movers in our work mainly to push out the hot dry air that the dehumidifiers puts out into the walls. Commerci......... more »

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89107 Water Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

Flooding is typically caused by broken fixtures like a leaking toilet or sink.  It often happens unexpectedly with the unknowing homeowner discovering the damage only when their home is drenched in water.  Such is the case of our client living in an 89107 home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our client was unaware of the broke......... more »

89123 Water Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

Water damage claims are increasing in the US, according to the American Insurance Association. Annual property losses due to water damage were reported to be around $11 billion from 2010 to 2013. The most common causes of this are plumbing and appliance failures. Any of your home appliances are bound to leakage any tim......... more »

Sewage Cleanup Las Vegas

Sewage Cleanup Las Vegas qualifies as a significant emergency, and sewage emergencies escalate and vary in severity. It doesn’t really matter how gigantic or small your sewage tank is – any predicament involving sewage has to be immediately treated without hesitation. Sewage is unsafe. It includes millions of live ......... more »

Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras are a widely used piece of equipment that is used to pick out places in an environment that contains moisture hidden from the eye. In our job to repair water damaged homes in areas around Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas, we use thermal cameras to determine whether there is any water damage to t......... more »

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