Water Leak

89107 Water Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

Flooding is typically caused by broken fixtures like a leaking toilet or sink.  It often happens unexpectedly with the unknowing homeowner discovering the damage only when their home is drenched in water.  Such is the case of our client living in an 89107 home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our client was unaware of the broke......... more »

89141 Water and Mold Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

Because of a broken water heater, a home located in the 89141 area of Las Vegas, Nevada was drenched in water. The flood affected several areas of the residence including the living room, laundry room, garage, hall and hall closet. By the time that our company Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was called out by our ......... more »

89014 Water Restoration, Las Vegas Nevada

Our company, Insurance Restoration Services (IRS), was contacted when a water heater broke in a residential home in 89014 area of Henderson, Nevada.  The water that leaked out from the water heater caused immense damage to the contents of the laundry room, garage, and dining room, and prompted the owner of the house t......... more »

89156 Sewage Clean Up, Las Vegas NV

Our company, Water Damage Las Vegas, received a call from a distressed homeowner whose sewage line has suddenly collapsed.  The dirty water from the sewage like has caused the sewage water to backup into a condo in the 89156 area of Las Vegas, NV.  The sewage water had also come back up through the kitchen sink, much......... more »

89107 Water Damage Clean Up, Las Vegas Nevada

Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was hired after a copper pipe broke in a home in the 89107 area of Las Vegas.  The water from the pipe has already expanded beyond the kitchen and spread to the other parts of the house - the living room, the hallway, the bathrooms as well as the bedrooms.  This was an emergency ......... more »

89014 Water Damage Cleanup, Henderson NV

Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was contacted by a potential customer after a water softener broke in garage.  The home was located in the 89014 area of Henderson Nevada and the water softener has been leaking water since a long time.  Our technicians arrived on the scene to asses the situation and found a larg......... more »