Water Leaks Las Vegas

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Water leaks are one of the main reasons for water damage in Las Vegas, as well as any other location.  When plumbing lines or pipes leak somewhere inside a building, the leaking water creates a number of problems for the overall infrastructure and the inhabitants of the house.

What is special and more worrying about water leaks, apart from the obvious damage to the building, is that water leaks are generally hidden from plain sight.  While an ordinary water damage scenario would consist of a overflowing sink or bathtub, or excessive rainwater pouring inside the house, a water leak could occur anywhere inside the house – inside the walls or the ceiling, even under the flooring – and not alert the inhabitants of that building for a considerable amount of time.

Causes of Water Leaks, Las Vegas

In houses, offices and other buildings around Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson, water leaks can be seen for a number of reasons, namely:

  • if plumbing is clogged, due to solid objects dropped into the toilets, sinks or bathtubs, and excessive pressure is created;
  • if the pipes in question have been in use for a long time and showing signs of rusting and deterioration;
  • if the velocity of the water is too high, i.e. if the water passing through the pipes changes direction a number of times;
  • if the pipes around the water heater are rusting and old;
  • if the pipes begin to shift and move due to age;
  • if the joints in the pipes begin to degrade over time;
  • if the moving parts of the faucet tear over time, etc.

Leaking pipes can be anywhere in a building – under the sinks and toilets, behind the bathtub, or even under the flooring and inside the walls.  Hidden water leaks, if unnoticed or ignored, will end up causing more harm to the structure of the house than water flooding or water damage.

Consequences of Water Leaks

Water leaks are sneakier than any other kind of water damage that can occur around the house, as it may not be possible to find them out as soon as the pipes start leaking.

Small leaks, i.e. leaks in pipes and appliances that only let out water in drops, may continue for a long time before anyone notices them.  Leaking water on wooden flooring will cause the floors to weaken and become hazardous. If the water remains stagnant on a place for a long time – as if normal with water leaks – it is possible that the walls and the flooring of that location has been damaged completely and will need to be replaced.

If water leaks occur in hidden and dark places – such as inside a wall, or under the cabinets – then mold will start growing in those locations.  In absence of sufficient air and light, and in presence of moisture, these molds will keep on growing until they have damaged an entire wall of the house.

If this growth of mold is anywhere near an HVAC unit, then the residue can be carried over to the whole building through the vents, causing the mold to settle on curtains, carpets, clothing and even household utensils and furniture.  This can lead to health issues and be inconvenient to people who suffer from allergies, asthma, sinusitis, nasal congestion and rhinitis.

Repairing Water Leaks, Las Vegas

In case of a water leak, as soon as the leak in question is discovered, experts should be called over to deal with the problem before more harm can be done.  The area that has been affected by the water leak needs to be looked at by a professional, someone who could determine whether the flooring or the wall needs to be replaced or repaired.

When a water leak is discovered in any location of the home, whether it is a new leak or an old one – it is better to immediately attend to it before that simple water leak can turn into a big problem and damage your home more than it already has.  Our business, Water Damage Las Vegas, boasts a team of experts who have dealt extensively with water leaks and the damages they can cause to a home.  Our team not only can remedy any pipe of fitting that has been leaking, but also cleanup any damage that has occurred to the flooring, the walls, the ceiling or any other portion of the building.