Roof Leaks in Las Vegas: A Remediable Disaster

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The mostly dry climate of the city would probably make a person assume that roof leaks Las Vegas are very uncommon in residential homes, if none at all. The city has mostly high winds and scorching heat all throughout the year, making it seem impossible for a roof leak to spontaneously occur. But contrary to popular belief, it does rain hard in Las Vegas.

Shingles that have thin spacing are widely used in the roof design of residential homes in Las Vegas as they provide aesthetic factor and are more preferred by residents. Most people would think the naturally hot climate of the city can prevent their roofs, particularly the shingles, from leaks when it rains. After all, the roofs in residential homes and other standing structures were designed primarily for the protection from intense heat. But these high temperatures can add to quick degradation of the shingles, making the whole roofing structure accessible for water to permeate through when it does rain.

A damaged roofing system is only one of many deciding factors in figuring out the exact location of a roof leak. This task can be tricky and challenging so to help you out, listed below are the popular causes of roof leaks that you can use as your personal guide.

Roof Leak Causes

Roof leaks can happen spontaneously and without warning so when it does appear, it can be an extremely frustrating situation – especially on a rainy day. To prevent you from any future inconvenience, one of the most common ways in looking for a roof leak is by searching for circular stains that are usually brown around the edges. They can appear on the wood structure that protects the roof itself, in the corners of a room or on the walls. This is a major indicator of a roof leak – which is actually the easy part. Apart from this, if left untreated, these molds can lead to serious health consequences according to Wikipedia.

Determining the real cause of the roof leak can be a tricky challenge since it can mean a number of things. To help you remove all possible factors, here are a few causes that are commercially known to repair and construction companies, and how to prevent them.

Holes and Openings

This is probably the most common cause of roof leaks Las Vegas NV as it is the most obvious one. Holes on your roofing structure can easily make water pass through especially if they are not effectively closed off. These holes can result from various circumstances such as TV antennas that have been removed, holes made for plumbing installations that have not been sealed effectively, an old air-conditioning system and even pests that have scratched through or eaten your wood protection off.

Skylights and dormer windows can also be a possible roof leak cause since they can be improperly installed. As much as you love these aesthetically modified opening for your homes, you may consider the normal wall types as these fenestrations can develop gaps and seal deterioration. The flashings that are used around the skylights and dormers to stop water from coming in can be unscrewed out of place. These errors can cause water seepage and built-up moisture which can ultimately lead to roof leaks.

Luckily, the technology for construction materials in this day and age has been smartly modified to all your construction needs. Small holes in the roof can be sealed off on your own with a commercially produced elastomeric kind of sealant. These kinds can be bought at any home renovation shops and depots you can find. Bigger holes, however, may require you to do a more delicate procedure as they cannot be easily closed. Regardless of the size of any hole or opening in your roofing structure, it is wise to call a professional roofer and have him check your roof for holes at least once a year. This will keep you from all the hassle of checking for roof leaks on your own and going up on your roof without the needed supervision.

Clogged Drainage

Debris mainly comprising of (but not limited to) leaves, twigs and branches can build up on your roof and eventually find their way to you gutters over time. These residues are the ones that we usually do not think to be the cause but can be equally damaging to the roof. They can successfully clog the storm drain if they are not effectively removed. The area around your roof drainage is not designed to protect your home from unmoving water so when it does rain and your storm drain is clogged with all these unwanted debris, it will make your home vulnerable to leaks.

Making a regular inspection for debris built-up and removing those from your gutters is a sure way of preventing water from seeping through the structure. Trimming the branches of trees that have extended to your roof can also go a long way as it can stop branches and leaves from falling right over your roof.

Roofing Material

Roofing material can vary in types, sizes and color among many others. Typically, choosing the roofing material mainly depends on the architectural style of the structure. But as mentioned earlier, shingles are the commonly used roofing material in residential home construction in Las Vegas, particularly the asphalt type. According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association, this type is the most cost-effective roofing material of all, reason why it is still the most popular choice of homeowners and contractors. It can also go well with any kind of architectural style, easy to install and has a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

But asphalt shingles are not susceptible to damages caused by temperature fluctuations. Falling shingles can be an indicator that a part of your roof has been damaged by extreme weather changes and strong winds. Annually checking your roof for cracks can be an effective prevention even if it shows leaking or not. Asphalt shingle roofing normally has a lifespan of 20-30 years so if your roofing has already passed this mark, age can also be the main reason for your roof leaks. In this case, it is best to ask a professional for a re-roofing.

Prevention of Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can really do a lasting damage on your entire home if not fixed immediately. The top solution for preventing roof leaks is to call an experienced roofer and schedule an annual check-up of your roof. This process may be a bit expensive but it is better to be safe and sure than experience any inconvenience in the future.

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