Water Damage Cleanup Las Vegas

Las Vegas water damage clean up services
Hidden water inside walls causes molding from the inside out. This is why you need a Las Vegas water damage cleanup specialist.

Las Vegas has a history of water damage dating back to its founding as an outpost in 1905; this has a lot do with the bowl-shape of the valley.  Besides, when we do get rain, it comes hard and torrential.  This can lead to many issues including water inside the home, roof leaks, and absorption into the walls and flooring of the house.  Water damage, therefore, is not a rare occurrence here, and neither is the need for water damage cleanup in Las Vegas.  This is a concept most home owners and residents of this region are familiar with because they have all, at one time or another, faced water damage in their homes and offices.

Water Damage Las Vegas is a company that works with water damage clean up in Las Vegas, as well as restoration and repair work in homes and offices that have suffered flooding and mold.  Our company and our team of experts believe in immediate response and fast delivery because we know how damaging and harmful flooding can prove for your home, your belongings as well as your health.

Water Damage in Las Vegas

Like in any other regions of the world, Las Vegas also faces a vast number of water damage scenarios, most of them for a varied number of reasons that cannot be predicted or prevented, such as,

  • A toilet backing up due to flushing heavy and solid objects,
  • A household appliance that has malfunctioned, i.e. a dishwasher or a washing machine,
  • A sewage line that has backed up due to clogging,
  • A bathtub or a sink that has overflown,
  • A flooding that is the result of excessive rain or other such natural disasters,
  • A plumbing system that is faulty and needs repair, etc.

Most of the reasons for water damage are either accidental or incidental, and can happen to any home or office, at any time.  However, immediate action should be taken to remedy this, because a flooding can be extremely harmful to everyone and everything in that house.

Dangers of Water Damage

Water is extremely deceptive because its dangers are not always obvious and visible.  Flooding of clean water – when overflowed from a sink or a bathtub – may seem relatively harmless to the inhabitants, but this type of water damage could also be dangerous.

Most homeowners see the sitting water in their home and believe this is the only water that needs cleaning up.  The reality is that water can absorb quickly into the flooring and walls of the home, and this is where it does most of the damage.  Mold can start growing in less than two days, and dry rot in the walls can be seen in only a few days more.

Besides the obvious damage to personal belongings, standing water will do long-lasting harm to the entire structure of the house, by being absorbed into the flooring and walls, or by allowing to grow molds in the hidden corners of it.

Besides, many people tend to forget about the electrical danger.  A combination of water and electricity can equal to shorts, which is a danger to anyone inside their Las Vegas homes and offices and is much more risky than the damage to the building.

Water Damage Cleanup in Las Vegas

Detecting water underneath surfaces requires specialized equipment.  You can touch your drywall and it will be dry to the touch, but there could be water absorbed inside of it.  We utilize specialized heat/cold monitors to see inside your walls and flooring to detect water.


Thermal detector used as part of Las Vegas water damage clean up
A Thermal Detector shows hidden water in the walls, prior to Las Vegas water damage clean up

For a thorough restoration process, it is not enough to only remove the excess water that is standing around the building, but also to remove all traces of water that is inside the structure of the house.  Our top-quality, commercial-grade Thermal Cameras and Thermal Hygrometers help us look for areas where water has been absorbed inside the walls, ceilings and floors, invisible to the naked eye.  These special equipment show us the location and the intensity of hidden water and moisture inside the structure of the building - especially inside the walls and under the flooring - where mold would start growing in a matter of days.

With a highly effective Commercial Air Mover, we can clean the air of any residual moisture, odor or contaminants.  Besides, with our antimicrobial applicators, we can sanitize areas that show a tendency of mold growth so that there is no lingering problem after we have completed the job.

In our company, we believe in the urgency of water damage cleanup, and we guarantee good results with quick response and honest opinions.