Mold Cleanup

89141 Water and Mold Removal, Las Vegas Nevada

Because of a broken water heater, a home located in the 89141 area of Las Vegas, Nevada was drenched in water. The flood affected several areas of the residence including the living room, laundry room, garage, hall and hall closet. By the time that our company Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) was called out by our ......... more »

89178 Mold Cleanup, Las Vegas Nevada

Our company, Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) responded to an urgent call by a distressed client whose home was covered by an extensive growth of black mold.  The culprit of the mold problem was simply a cracked toilet tank that was unknowingly leaking water on the floor of the powder room.  However, the damage i......... more »

89118 Mold Cleanup, Las Vegas NV

Insurance Restoration Services (IRS) responded to the call of a distraught client who was experiencing a water leak originating from a washing machine.  The supply valve of the washing machine was leaking water into the floor of the entire house, causing the growth of mold.  This home in the 89118 area of Las Vegas, ......... more »

89129 Mold Restoration, Las Vegas NV

In a residential home in the 89129 area of Las Vegas, an appliance company improperly installed a refrigerator.  The ice maker line became dislodged causing unseen water damage in Las Vegas home for an unknown amount of time.  The water that leaked from the refrigerator stood under and behind the appliance for a lon......... more »