How long does cleanup take?

A typical water damage takes three to five days to properly dry down.

What are your hours?

We are a 24/7 company. You can call us day or night

My toilet kept running and overflowed over the bowl.  I cleaned everything up, everything appears to be dry, is there anything else I need to do?

It's possible the baseboards, walls, or cabinets may have absorbed water.  Moisture may be trapped behind the baseboards, behind your vanity or in other areas although your home may feel dry or appear to be dry.  Building materials rapidly absorb moisture like a sponge and can hold moisture  for days creating the po......... more »

Ritchey, Heidi
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Account Manager
Phone: 702-449-4646 Office: 702-463-7023

My many years working as a Licensed Insurance Agent has taught me that communication between the homeowner, restoration contractor, and insurance company is vital to a speedy recovery process. As ......... more »

Clark, Richard
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Office: 702-748-7720

Rich began working in the restoration industry as a carpet cleaner while working full time and going to college classes in the evening.  He moved to Las Vegas in 2004 to further his education while......... more »

Jang, Lina
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Office Manager
Office: 702-463-7023

My name is Lina Jang, I am the Office Manager for Insurance Restoration Services. I am originally from Los Angeles, California and recently moved to Las Vegas in August of 2014. I enjoy cooking, hikin......... more »

Mina, Moises
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Office: 702-463-7023

Moises (Moi) is a 7 year water damage veteran.  Moi has involved in all aspects of the restoration industry from packing to mold abatement to water damage.  Moi has worked on commercial mold project......... more »

Young, Vince
Fuentes, Henry